When The Term “Fake News” Actually Applies…

First — a huge H/T to FTD, for finding the item — we want to see it all, truly. [Readers will find the item in the comments to the prior post.]

But now, I will take a moment here in the airport cell lot, as I wait for my grown son (and friends) to arrive on their holiday visit — from Northern California, to marvel at the “popular press“. [And related book sellers’ clubs, I suppose.]

I won’t link to the stories directly in this post, or even explain their goofily fantastical narrative lines, but if Mr. Shkreli still has any pull, anywhere… these would be called “salted” (i.e., planted) tales. Meant to create sympathy, I think. Not buying it. [Or more probably, just meant to hype a book sale, for the author, by linking his book — to a “top of news” name.]

Billy correctly notes — in comments — that if Mr. Shkreli is anything, he is an attention seeker. And the notion that he would have stayed mum about this for nearly two years (okay one and a half!) is simply not credible. [Our backgrounder, there.]

Hushing now. Enjoy your Fourth one and all!





3 thoughts on “When The Term “Fake News” Actually Applies…

    • condor says:

      Yep — that jury list run-down was in the earlier Bloomberg article you linked. That’s a particularity bad jury for Marty — though I am not sure what would be a “good” jury. For him, the HR person (likely legalistic; and offended by his misogyny) will be very bad — as will the hourly workers, given his affected mannerisms.

      We shall see…



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