Oral Argument — Tomorrow At 9 AM EDT: Yesterday’s Motions

I just checked PACER — after a barbecue, and fireworks on Lake Michigan — and the able Judge Matsumoto has set oral argument for first thing tomorrow (and she’s plainly peeved by the defense here):

ORDER as to Martin Shkreli re [263] Letter dated 7/4/17, belatedly and generally proferring the evidentiary bases for the admission of unidentified defense exhibits.

The tardy defense motion in limine fails to offer an explanation as to why the issues raised in the July 4 letter were not properly presented on the dates ordered by the court for motions in limine, in order to avoid delay of the trial and inconvenience to the jurors.

The wholesale attempt last week by defense counsel to offer approximately 94 emails of their client, which necessitated a side bar, should not be repeated. Accordingly, the court orders that defense counsel submit a list of the documents it seeks to admit as described in their July 4 letter, with exhibit numbers, the names of the witnesses and the specific evidentiary bases for the admission of each exhibit. The court will hear oral argument at 9:00 a.m. on July 5. Ordered by Judge Kiyo A. Matsumoto on 7/4/2017

This is about what sorts of impeachment evidence may be used, as to prosecution witnesses — but it should also include argument to help her decide on the gag and jury sequestration issues, as well. I’d expect rulings on all by mid-morning — now you know.

But to FTD’s point — we have 35 witnesses yet to go, and five more weeks. So the pace is sure to fall off — as to emerging daily gobs of salacious testimony — forensic accounting issues will begin to take the fore, in a few days, or by next week (July 10 or 12).

G’night! And…



14 thoughts on “Oral Argument — Tomorrow At 9 AM EDT: Yesterday’s Motions

    • condor says:

      Nice! So the “gag” simply reiterates the already existing pre-trial order: applicable to both sides — no chatting about trial specifics — with the press inside, or on steps of courthouse.

      This is… highly amusing. Likely no sequestration, then.


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      • bmartinmd says:

        What the hell? It looks like I blocked @BostonBorn66 “Patty Hildreth” at some point. Probably for being a kind of Shkreli fan/surrogate troll.

        In any event, it looks like the @BLMBro account was suspended–finally. But given Shkreli’s proclivity for tweeting, he probably has more alias Twitter accounts. Problem for Shkreli, however: He can’t remain anonymous, because what would be the point of that?

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