Thursday-Friday Trial Log… Note: Author Off-Grid, Starting Tonight (Until Monday)

The wilds of the far northern reaches Wisconsin — on a crystal clear Lake Michigan bay — almost to the Canadian border, beckon me… to my youngest son’s Door County Half-Iron Man (a charity event, coupled to para-athletics fund-raisers), so this thread will have to hold the water, as it were, until Monday.

PathoPhilia, Billy and FTD — and yes, all of you, good people (be on your best behavior, here!) — you are each and all — in charge of keeping it spinning in good karma. [We expect to hear more rather dry forensic accounting testimony, at some point today.]

I’ll launch this — with just one comparatively bland quote, from yesterday’s testimony (cribbed from Bloomberg reporting):

“I’ll beat you guys to a new company and will get to a billion dollars before you will,” Steven Richardson, Retrophin’s former chairman, said Shkreli told him upon hearing the news that he was being removed from the post in 2014….

I guess he was right, if he meant a billion dollars… in losses, felony scams, frauds and conversions, and… independent public company shareholder value… destroyed. The two hedge funds (looted!), Merrill Lynch/via Lehman implosion (stiffed!), Retrophin shareholders (cheated; abused!)… and KaloBios (bankrupted!). Turing? His shareholdngs/scam may still be in play.

Even so, he probably hasn’t actually done a billion… of anything. Sort of insignificant, really.

Now you know — Onward; and Namaste! Now go load up that comment box!


29 thoughts on “Thursday-Friday Trial Log… Note: Author Off-Grid, Starting Tonight (Until Monday)

    • condor says:

      There are at least two: one is a securities class action, brought by damaged shareholders — with various versions of plaintiff classes — which are in Manhattan (SDNY), and there is a civil SEC proceeding, also federal court, but in Brooklyn (EDNY) — right where his criminal trial is underway.

      And all of them are stayed, until his felony trial wraps up.

      There is also a suit in Manhattan by Dr. Thomas Koestler, to recover his $2.6 million arbitration win from Mr. Shkreli who is refusing to pay — claiming Retrophin not he owes that payout.

      More Marty nonsense.

      Off-grid now… g’night one and all!

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  1. FTD says:

    No one else is thinking the Jury is going to be mixed up because of all the investors that made money? What if they just assume the investors put their trust into a young brash kid & knew it was likely illegal but ithere were no fingerprints….soooo….

    I guess I don’t have faith in our general public as understanding that criminal acts are lurking beneath the windfall payday. 🙂

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