Dr Thomas P. Koestler’s $2.6 Million Federal Judgment May Now Attach Mr. Shkreli’s Assets

In a short affirming order, in the federal District courthouse in Manhattan yesterday, the court affirmed yesterday that Dr. Koestler may now proceed to attach Mr. Shkreli’s assets. Now that his criminal conviction is set, there is no reason to delay — and if it comes to that, Dr. Koestler may sell the assets he seizes at auction, in order to obtain the over $2.6 million the convict has long owed Dr. Koestler — from an arbitration of the latter’s consulting contract.

That is a personal — not Retrophin — obligation, the able court has ruled:

ABSTRACT OF JUDGMENT: in favor of Dr. Thomas P. Koestler against Martin Shkreli in the amount of $2,614,930.00, issued on August 17, 2017….

Now you know. I will be off-grid, traveling to, and being goofy at, the eclipse parties — until at least Tuesday.



7 thoughts on “Dr Thomas P. Koestler’s $2.6 Million Federal Judgment May Now Attach Mr. Shkreli’s Assets

  1. billythekid9919 says:

    If Marty is “one of the richest people in NYC” why then does he avoid paying his taxes and $2.6mm settlement? That wouldn’t be much to come up with if he really was “one of the richest in NYC”. His statements are always partly true, he is “one of the… people in NYC”….

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    • condor says:

      Update: Mr. Greebel’ lawyer at Gibson Dunn filed a passel of motions today — seeking variously to suppress certain items from Convict Marty’s trial, and have others introduced (ones excluded from Marty the Felon’s trial).

      I’m still going through them — catching up here, as it were — but one seeks to admit Dr. Koestler’s arbitration win. To date, I think the actual award language had been kept private (as I am certain Mr. Shkreli was a savage there)…

      And Mr. Greebel will offer it as more evidence that Marty was a… really bad guy.

      And that Mr. Greebel should skate…

      We shall see — I’ll post on it all, likely tomorrow…


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  2. Anon. says:

    [And… at 4:58 pm on Friday, I see you… smile!

    Bright and early on Saturday morning, too — in Kentucky on Sunday/Monday… best chance… of clear skies!]


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