About A DOZEN (Trivial) New “In Limine” Filings By Mr. Grebel’s Team, Overnight…

…But I will post only one — as I mentioned it here, before.

It is silly to waste time (in a three page PDF, even) arguing that Mr. Shkreli might not be responsible for his own personal statements, and actions, when those have already been determined by a jury of his peers to have amounted to felony (criminal) frauds.

Under our legal system, no one may ever escape personal responsibility for crimes they commit.

No one, that is, unless a gigantic, corpulently turgid Cheeto writes out. . . a pardon. [In that vein, it is smart that “Bobby Three Sticks” is working with the NY AG to bring state level criminal charges against Mr. Manafort — as the President cannot offer any pardon, for any state law crimes. His pardon power is federal, only.] Where was I? Right….

A pardon? That won’t happen here. So — Mr. Greebel ought not put too much stock in this argument.

[And yes, this post (by intentional omission) means this blog will not traffic in any of the Convict’s trolling nonsense about HRC emails — and his potentially being “suicided”. What a sad lil’ guy he is, as his prison date approaches.]

Namaste, to all of good will….


6 thoughts on “About A DOZEN (Trivial) New “In Limine” Filings By Mr. Grebel’s Team, Overnight…

  1. R West says:

    Compared to the briefs/letters Brafman and the AUSA’s were filing before, I don’t think this is as good. It’s probably fair to say, a good brief is going to cite some authority. Whenever an attorney rambles on without citing to authority, you know they are headed down the tubes!

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