And… Post Mr. Brafman’s Reply — Marty Goes To Jail In About… 24 Hours Now.

Here is the three pager, from Mr. Brafman. It is simply a dead letter. No joke — that’s my experienced opinion.

The fundamental problem is that none of the cases he mentioned involved convicted felons doing these things.

It is not the lawyers’ fault. It is Mr. Shkreli’s — again. He simply thinks this is all a game — a joke. It isn’t.

He’ll wise up now, in a concrete cell, in about 24 — that’s no game.

Bub-bye Marty. Enjoy the can.

I will have more, late, late tonight — on a work deadline now.

Oh. And here is Marty’s one page apology. Too little; too late, sez me.



45 thoughts on “And… Post Mr. Brafman’s Reply — Marty Goes To Jail In About… 24 Hours Now.

  1. FTD says:

    FYI if you are reading this and you think any of us will be broken up if the trial hearing (goes left, as they say) I won’t be and I’m sure the others won’t be.

    You know why? Because a person like Marty is habitual. It is going to happen again & it is going to be worse. He can’t stop until he hits rock bottom. We have no idea in the slightest what rock bottom is to Martin. But he’s headed there one way or the other.

    And I’m still putting the chips down that this guy is not paying bills, frauding left & right with his new business schemes, owes a lot of people money & is dodging to pay anyone. Including that mathematician who did that proof for nothing. Let’s not forget that gent in this equation. (Ah, a unintentional pun 🙂 )

    In summary, rock bottom is now or it is later. But it is coming, and in order for a person to change, they have to face that emotional & psychological impact. Let’s hope we don’t have something more troublesome before rock bottom happens.

    But for the love of god please stop thinking that this person didn’t have thousands of chances for redemption. He torched them as soon as they were in visibility.

    That’s why I have zero sympathy for someone like this. White Privilege? Oh, at it’s highest concentration you are witnessing it in REAL TIME right now. 🙂

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    • condor says:

      Meg chimes in:

      … Meg Tirrell‏Verified account @megtirrell 1m1 minute ago

      Just stepped outside Shkreli bail hearing to do (unrelated) story – still going; judge not happy w Shkreli’s Clinton FB post
      0 replies 1 retweet 1 like…


    • R West says:

      Most of the law on “danger to the community” focuses on violence … but now “cyberstalking” is a serious crime. So defense lawyers interviewed are probably wrong!


      • condor says:

        I would add that at least one of the two lawyers interviewed was misinformed about where the burden of proof lies.

        So yes — I think their opinions are… suspect. [Rim-shot.]

        Great stuff!


      • FTD says:

        Man, is this guy guilty of so many internet crimes (which i’ve mentioned many times like a broken record 🙂 ) We really are beyond fines, banning, he’s approaching Kevin Mitnick territory without being a hacker. I think they should seize his hard drives and all recorded activity of everyone he has been harassing. “Zero F’s given” as the meme goes 🙂

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  2. R West says:

    Apologies don’t go very far in the criminal justice system … Judge is a former federal prosecutor; she’s heard it all before. It’s like fugitives that turn themselves in; laymen think they get a lot of credit for that, but they don’t. The fact Brafman wanted to put a corny apology on there either reflects how desperate he is to think of something … or he’s a criminal defense genius?

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  3. condor says:

    My only comment — marking these inane thoughts down, now — as the convict’s likely last words, before he’s carted off to the Brooklyn Metropolitan Correction Center — see ya’ in about a decade (when its all said and done), son — you’ll be all gray and junk… Good riddance.

    Yep. He’s on FB literally right now, creating a losers’ “Super-Villains” team-up:

    “…Martin Shkreli
    4 mins · New York, NY ·

    Any other supervillains out there that would like to, uh, join forces? I’d be the leader obviously. We could have real-life beef with Chris Evans (dorky SJW Captain America actor) and his ilk.

    I’m thinking a sick supervillain league could be me, Milo Yiannopoulos, Donald J. Trump, my dad Vladimir Putin and Peter Thiel. Anyone I missed (fictional characters welcome)?

    Follower additions: Alex Jones Ted Cruz Ann Coulter possible new leader: Stefan Molyneux Tiger Woods Lauren Southern Clint Eastwood….”

    See ya on the ‘net next (or on whatever replaces it) — in about a decade, pal.

    Drop mic. Out.


    • aldt440 says:

      Condor, I understand that you don’t like the guy and you’ve done an excellent job documenting his transgressions. Again, thanks for creating this blog and allowing me to participate.

      I’ve been doing some thinking about everything that has transpired here as well as in Shkreli’s realm and, unfortunately, I don’t have the time to give this post the massive amount of effort and time I think it deserves. Regardless, I’m going to try, so please bear with me.

      First off, I think it is unhealthy to hate somebody. I also think it’s unprofessional for an attorney to resort to personally attacking a criminal defendant. Basted on my own personal experiences, hate blocks clarity and forces people to make irrational decisions – behavior that have no business in the legal profession. I think your hate for Shkreli is making you act irrationally too. Honestly, I don’t understand why you hate Shkreli so much. From this position, it looks like your professional assessment is correct and all of your grievances will be addressed in court later today. Is justice not served in your eyes? Why kick him while he’s down? Why post this:

      “My only comment — marking these inane thoughts down, now — as the convict’s likely last words, before he’s carted off to the Brooklyn Metropolitan Correction Center — see ya’ in about a decade (when its all said and done), son — you’ll be all gray and junk… Good riddance.”

      In an earlier post, you questioned my legal credentials. Well, in this post I’d like to question your credentials, because I’m pretty sure you don’t have any degrees in the fields of behavioral psychology, social work, or penology. This is going to come as a huge shock and probably trigger everybody reading this, but Shkreli’s behavior is by no means unusual and could plausibility be an unfortunate consequence of the extreme stress he is currently subjected to. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that managed care or incapacitation isn’t justified in Shkreli’s scenario; this is up to the judge and his probation officer. I’m not petitioning for the abolishment or suspension of prison sentences either. All I’m asking for is that people do research on prison as retributive punishment and make their own decisions regarding the efficacy of such an extreme measure. There’s a famous research project that took place in the 70’s known as the Stanford Prison Experiment. Years ago, this project changed my attitude towards punitive punishment and it might change your attitude too. The project documents what happens when you subject perfectly normal college students to the full weight and force of a simulated penal system. The results are absolutely shocking!

      I think it’s also important to study prisons in other societies that focus on rehabilitation for contrast:

      Again, I’m not saying incapacitation isn’t justified in Shkreli’s case, and I’m confident Matsumoto will make a sound decision. All I’m asking for is people to be careful when advocating for long custodial sentences because they aren’t always justified and public sentiment as to their efficacy is distorted.

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      • condor says:

        Thanks for your input.

        We will just agree to disagree… he’s no longer a defendant. He’s a convict — a convicted felon, who stole lots of money.

        And please don’t project whatever is going on in your life… into my life… you have no idea — at all — about me. I don’t hate him — I don’t give a rip… but I do pity his… runaway narcissism. That’s all.

        I’ll let the justice system handle it all. I’m just unafraid (like Marty, I guess!) to call ’em as I see ’em. I am treating him the way he has treated thousands with no provocation. He has earned this ignominy. So be it.

        Web-sites (at least the well-curated ones) are like mirrors: when an ass looks into one, we should not expect an apostle to peer back out at us. That is borrowed from Georg Christoph Lichtenberg… liberally.

        Be well.

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      • aldt440 says:

        Billy, I don’t really care what you do. Obviously, we see things differently. Yes, he’s a convicted felon and I screwed up by calling him a defendant.

        I don’t understand why you hate me.

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    • condor says:

      About four hours now… and both Meg Tirrell and Renae Merle will be in the courtroom in Brooklyn at that time… so watch each for tweets of hilarity — and likely more than a smidgen of… pathos!

      Onward — “bring me that bond revocation order, now!”

      [We may see one more, final AUSA brief — in reply to Mr. Brafman’s of yesterday — essentially as the parties arrive at Judge Matsumoto’s bench. I’ll post it immediately if it comes in. But they may just decide to wing it, and argue live, at 5 — as well. The AUSAs are that far ahead on points, now. Just FYI.]


    • bmartinmd says:

      Shkreli: I apologize for my behavior and ask you respectfully not to change my bail status so that I may…do something even more stupid online while awaiting sentencing.

      I’ll still have my doubts about whether the judge will send Shkreli to prison toute de suite. Not that she doesn’t have plenty of post-conviction reasons. He’s certainly shown a pattern of contempt for the court, both directly and indirectly, during and after his trial. But she may actually fear for his safety in “real” prison.

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  4. billythekid9919 says:

    His letter isn’t very “street”… It seems like the reality of the serious nature of his accumulated fuck ups is starting to sink in. I am amazed. Usually he aims (above even his freedom) to maintain his image of a fearless rich guy for his “fans”. Maybe he figures the 12 year olds aren’t going to be searching for his legal filings. Pretty funny for an anti-fan though. I’m sure his lawyers enjoy spending their time doing this for the 3x convict.

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  5. R West says:

    Two things I thought would happen didn’t:
    1) Thought Brafman would take part of the blame for not warning or stopping Martin; and
    2) Thought Brafman would offer to give up Martin’s Internet use.

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    • condor says:

      If this is true — and as R. West said, we will know tomorrow if it is — he has zero chance of avoiding jail.

      You couldn’t make this stuff up, if you tried!

      Great find — even if the guy is just trolling — highly entertaining!



  6. FTD says:

    Shkreli back at the live youtube stream this evening telling others how to understand a clinical trial. :smh:

    Some people are still clinging on to his every word still. 🙂

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  7. R West says:

    When the Secret Service wanted to talk to Martin and he said “no,” that pretty much kills him right there. Don’t know if Brafman was in on that decision, but they really needed to meet with the Secret Service… don’t you think?

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      • condor says:

        Just more of Marty — he said he was too busy to talk to them.

        That alone may have led to this evening’s bond revocation hearing.

        I guess I’m kinda’ surprised that Matt Harper is… surprised, at all.

        Namaste — 12 hours away. I’ll sorta’ miss being able to laugh at the guy. There will be no steady stream of preposterousness on the inter tubes from/about him, starting tonight — once he’s behind bars.

        Actually — that will be… just fine with me.

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      • bmartinmd says:

        Matt Herper, Christie Smythe, other biotech reporters. These people all want to maintain their potential access to Shkreli, which has completely compromised their reporting and apparent judgment about him from the get-go.

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      • condor says:

        Matt’s actually a pretty good guy. But he does have an interest — in getting access for any possible future “in jail” exclusives… hah! We will know in a few hours, but I totally agree that Marty’s lawyers warned him until they were blue in the face.

        And no way was he going to stay off of the ‘net voluntarily


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  8. FTD says:

    Condor, I will say this. If the Judge does accept that faux Marty apology, he’s going to cross the line again. And who knows this time what line that will be.

    And if he does cross that line, it might be someone who is just fracture away from violence toward Martin. By locking him up, you are protecting him from his next stunt where he raises the stakes for attention & also whatever future damage he may cause.

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    • condor says:

      I think he’s in the can… no other Convict would get the kid gloves treatment he’s now asking for.

      His bail is forfeited; and off to Brooklyn Detention Center he goes. Mostly it means Mr. Brafman will have to go there to meet him to prepare for sentencing.

      That’s going to crimp Mr. Brafman’s busy days, this fall.

      Oh well.

      Good thoughts, FTD!


      • R West says:

        Here’s my prediction: AUSA will want to call a Secret Service Agent as a witness. He/she will say, “if someone reached for Sec. Clinton to grab a hair, we wouldn’t know what they wanted. We would have to draw our guns and shoot them!”

        It’s going to sound like a threat to the community … for sure!


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