[U] Bond Revocation Hearing — In Progress Still @ 5:59 PM EDT… Good Bye Marty.


And… here is the PDF of the order just entered, as signed — revoking his bond — see the handwritten notes to that three page form.

NEWS: Martin Shkreli’s bail has been revoked and he’s being remanded into custody, headed to prison (via Reuters)….

More in a few moments — but here is CNBC’s Meg Tirrell:

….Meg Tirrell 1 minute ago

Just stepped outside Shkreli bail hearing to do (unrelated) story – still going; judge not happy w Shkreli’s Clinton FB post
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Well folks — that may be a wrap on this blog — barring something crazy, I’ll likely just leave the lights on — and vacate the premises.

Thanks to one and all — even those who were detractors — this was a very stimulating ride.

Peace. Out.


48 thoughts on “[U] Bond Revocation Hearing — In Progress Still @ 5:59 PM EDT… Good Bye Marty.

    • condor says:

      Ms. Duca should feel vindicated tonight.

      Her tweet is… perfect. And I had earlier decided that I’d not mention this here — but I do want some of the skeptics (Altd440 primarily) to understand my view. I am not heartless.

      You see, my next younger brother was taken into FBI custody three years ago yesterday, for what is now a life without parole sentence. It’s why I know so much about the “jPad” Mr. Shkreli may one day earn the right (with good behavior) to use.

      It doesn’t matter *why* he’s doing life — but while I love my brother, his sentence is… just. It is what was required.

      I don’t rejoice at seeing Marty in solitary — my brother was nearly broken by it, during his first year… and frankly he’s made of sterner stuff than Marty.

      So as R. West said, perhaps the worst of the next several months in custody for Marty will be the 23 hour isolation — and only once every few days — if the facility is not on lock-down for one reason or another — an hour out of the cell, to exercise. He will need to be much more mentally tough than he has shown himself to be thus far, in his life.

      Even if he is only sentenced to time served by January or February 2018 (unlikely)… he is likely to be completely shattered, and a mere shadow of his former self — from the largely solitary isolation — when he emerges for the sentencing hearing in January.

      That is the real *cruelty* of our penal system — it often drives prisoners … essentially insane. [To be fair, it may also be the weight of the guilt — for there crimes — when coupled to the solitude that ruins their minds.]

      So yes Altd440 — I think the US penal system is in need of reform. But I am likely to say little else about it — or him, henceforth.

      And it’s why I need a break.

      Thank you all for all the good humor and enlightenment you brought me here.


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    • R West says:

      Assume Martin will be treated as a high-profile prisoner that needs protection from the general pop. He will be put in solitary, which most people say is worse. Supposedly, 23 hours in cell per day, although some ex-prisoners post they never got the 1 hr. for exercise.

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  1. FTD says:

    Alright, time to close out the blog until Shkreli escapes using only the frame of his glasses & a usb key gigs full of adult videos he hid in his anal cavity. That’s metapron if you think about that imagery, which you shouldn’t…but you did. šŸ™‚

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    • R West says:

      Much better plan to bypass this real jail and go straight to prison camp later …complete screw-up by Martin.

      Average white collar criminal: Shows up for sentencing in civilian clothes; then given 60 days to report to prison camp, where he can travel to on his own.

      Martin: Will show up in prison garb for sentencing; then transported with real, violent prisoners in shackles in trip to prison camp lasting several days to a week, as Matthew Kluger described.

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    • condor says:

      Do read the order (posting it at the bottom of this entry) — it is going to be very tough to win on appeal. His best chance now is post sentencing, arguing for reductions (as out of line with other white collar criminals — not that I think it will work, but we shall see).

      You did a great job on parsing the details of his likely remand location. Onward!


    • R West says:

      Yes, one would think so … one of the elements of sentencing is taking responsibility for the crime and likelihood of being a good citizen going forward!

      Only good thing: He should get credit for time served.

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    • condor says:

      He will get credit (assuming he does good time, now) for these months, against his overall sentence…

      But I may quit watching, now that he’s in a real jail… I can say justice has been done.

      It’s so narcissistic that he came to court without apartment keys, and leaves his dad and lawyer to figure out what to do with his cat.

      Just so… Marty!

      What a tool.

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      • R West says:

        This case has been pretty time-consuming to follow, but I learned a lot. Quality of the briefs and motions filed were outstanding for the most part!

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      • bmartinmd says:

        Welp, you called it, condor.

        Yes, that was some chutzpah. Shkreli didn’t even have the decency and consideration to make arrangements with his family to have his cat taken care of.

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      • condor says:

        I’ll have the order — citing his failure to prove he’s no danger to others — up in a moment… it’s a pre-printed form with Judge Matsumoto’s handwritten edits on it.



    • R West says:

      So two criminal defense experts said it probably wouldn’t happen … they didn’t focus on the presumption and the standard: “clear and convincing” will kill you pretty much every time!

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