Saturday’s Silly Trivia: Only The “Lights On; But No One’s Home” — At [Renamed] Vyera Pharma?

As we warily watch, with a weather eye on the horizon, and meditate for safety from Nate — for those we love, in and around St. Rose, and the Crescent City, generally… since we are up early, with coffee, OJ and a banana… we offer this, as some (hopefully) grin-worthy fare:

Ahem. It is a simple global replace macro command — in Microsoft Word, or Word for Mac.

Three or four quick key-strokes — and all the “Turing” references will magically become “Vyera” references.

Yet three plus weeks after the full-on name change, and web site redesign, and trademark filings (those mostly from as early as January and Febrary of 2017)… all the external job openings pages — including several having to do with “attention to detail” matters — like quality, compliance, and reimbursement positions… STILL indicate the applicant will be hired by a company called… “Turing”.

So I’ll ask: does anyone even go in to the office in New York, any longer? Or — as I posit in the headline — did the team just walk out, and leave the website’s fluorescent lighting… plugged in and running — all the while, making that awful humming noise?

Here’s one example (accessed October 7, 2017 at 5 AM EDT): “…The Quality Systems Manager is a key position in the global quality system for Turing. This role ensures that Turing maintains compliance with Quality Standards and its Quality System by being responsible for oversight and administration of… the life cycle of controlled documents, i.e. assuring correct establishment, review, approval, implementation, storage, updating, retrieval, logging and decommissioning along the requirements of 21 CFR 211….

Frankly I don’t really care — but 21 CFR 211 does require that one identify the correct company, in those “controlled documents”.

Moreover, if I were looking for a career in even off-patent pharmaceuticals/life sciences, I’d at least like to be interviewing with the actual company name that would sign my paychecks. But paying people under one company name, for work done for another, has long been a hallmark of the imprisoned felony convict’s M.O. — at all his companies.

Finally, this is mostly to say (once again) I agree with the good Doctor — Marty still likely controls this nonsense from the Brooklyn MDC. His smudgy fingerprints are all over its lack of organization and follow-through.

Here endeth the… deflating satire. [In passing, we will dutifully mention that Gödel Systems (another Shkreli controlled vapor-ware company) still has never raised any real capital — other than a paltry $50,000 of the needed $1.25 million.]

Onward — and let the mighty Poseidon entirely miss St. Rose, and the Big Easy.



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