For R. West: Some Shkreli-Junk-A-Topia, On Opening Of Mr. Greebel’s Jury Selection…

As I’ve long indicated, I will mostly ignore the granular details of Mr. Greebel’s trial — as jury selection gets underway here, in Brooklyn.

What I will do, as a favor to R. West, here — is post two letters from Mr. Greebel’s team — filed on Sunday, in Brooklyn, which point up more detail about Mr. Shkreli’s schemes (in an effort to exonerate Mr. Greebel).

They are here, and here, respectively (as a four- and six- page pair of PDFs).

It strikes me as incorrect to argue that the government is advancing a new theory. It strikes me that the government is allowed to prove the conspiracy charge on parking was driven by more than one motive.

So called specific motive is not an element of the crime charged here, in Count Seven — and multiple motives may exist for any number of allegedly criminal acts. That the government now argues that part of Messrs. Shkreli’s and Greebel’s motive was to place shares in friendly (i.e., Shkreli-controlled) hands, in secret, and against the SEC rules — is not inconsistent with also attempting to compensate former hedge fund investors for their losses — allegedly illicitly.

I will also note (as a silly side car) that in the Twitterverse, Mr. Shkreli is reported to request a halt on delivery of philosophy, religion and modern fiction books. In addition, one of his acolytes expects that the inmates get the WSJ delivered to their cells in the MDC, thus:

“…i’m interested to see his thoughts on the list i sent him. expecting a reply back on that this week. i’m sure he gets WSJ, no?….”

Ummm… no.

I doubt that he gets more than one hour per week, in whatever the library looks like, in the MDC. And if the MDC gets the WSJ, the paper is at least two weeks stale when it arrives. And countless other inmates will have likely clipped and pocketed chunks of it, prior to his look at it.

Most likely, he never gets any real library time at all. He may fill out a form to have books routed to him, but I’d bet that the hard copy WSJ — if the prison pays for it — may never reach him.

And he has no internet at all. He gets paper printouts of incoming email, after the same is screened by the guards — usually about a week after it is sent to him, in all likelihood.

Now you know. Onward, on a clear crisp October Monday in the city of big shoulders.




8 thoughts on “For R. West: Some Shkreli-Junk-A-Topia, On Opening Of Mr. Greebel’s Jury Selection…

  1. R West says:

    Superseding Indictment says [Shkreli and Greebel divided 2,000,000] “of Retrophin’s unrestricted or free trading shares across the seven employees and contractors to ensure that each individual’s ownership was below the SEC’s five percent reporting requirement threshold.”

    My guess is there’s a 95% probability the Judge sides with the Gov’t. on the “new theory” issue. The fact Sh & Gr wanted to avoid an SEC filing was an element needed to accomplish the primary motive, as the Gov’t did explain in the indictment.

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