The $5 Million E*Trade Account Forfeiture Hearing Prep Schedule: Shkreli Style…

Here is the jointly agreed proposal, as filed with the able Judge Matsumoto tonight:

Pursuant to the Court’s order dated October 19, 2017, the government and counsel for the defendant Martin Shkreli have conferred and jointly submit the following proposed schedule regarding the criminal forfeiture phase of the defendant’s case: the government will file its forfeiture submission by November 30, 2017; the defendant will file his response by December 18, 2017; and the government will file its reply, if any, by January 9, 2018….

So — no money for legal fees (at Brafman’s firm — nor at Fox Rothchild) in the near term — not from the E*Trade account source, at least (no Christmas bonuses there!). I suspect the lawyers’ jailhouse visits are more than occasionally turning to whether the Picasso needs to be sold, post haste — and that Enigma machine, as well. [Probably a job for Christie’s — on both counts.]

Now you know — and Mr. Greebel’s trial continues tomorrow.



10 thoughts on “The $5 Million E*Trade Account Forfeiture Hearing Prep Schedule: Shkreli Style…

    • condor says:

      And just FYI all, Mr. Greebel’s jury is off until the 30th. Trial resumes then.

      Between now and then there will be hearings on evidence admissibility; expert opinions… etc.

      Lawyers only.



  1. R West says:

    Forfeiture could be a problem for the Gov’t. Unlike the sentencing, Judge would have to stick to the convictions. On the two securities fraud convictions, it’s hard to show anyone lost money. On the conspiracy to commit securities fraud, he might have messed up the Retrophin stock trading and price, but that’s hard to prove. Probably just a normal fine relating to the cost of prosecution. What else can the Gov’t. come up with?

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    • condor says:

      I hear you but I think the AUSAs may make their motion on the forfeiture hearing a creature of the IRS indebtedness. The government should be allowed to collect its due from the convict without a separate proceeding given he’s been convicted.

      So not as much a forfeiture — as a settling up, and liquifying at least his IRS debts, as he heads off to prison post sentencing.

      Namaste — great stuff!


    • condor says:

      Hmmm… technically he is right; no seizure (yet!) — but I think the fact that his E*Trade account is blocked by court order is pretty close to a “freeze”…

      But in the endless parade of Marty lies… this one is at least arguable — on interpretation — to be his lack of understanding of how bail/bonds work in the federal system….

      He’s… a stitch, to be certain!


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