Some Odious (And Ultimately Childish) Back-Biting, By One “Journalist” — Against Another…

Ahem. I’ve decided to omit the name of the “journalist” who seems to be taking some measure of delight in the fact that TeenVogue will no longer be a print edition magazine.

Of course the “journalist’s” back-bite by tweet is aimed at Ms. Lauren Duca (who writes quite ably for that property).

Here is that tweet (in full, from about 7:30 PM EDT on 11.02.2017):

“…Rough day for media with Gothamist, DNAinfo, and this [TeenVogue ending print photo]…but I do know there is someone laughing over it in the MDC….”

I’ll give you three guesses as to who tweeted this excrement. And this is (putatively) a woman journalist, downing another woman journalist. “Not cool, Robert Frost.” [See YouTube below for that reference.]

But you — my fine readers — you’ll only need one guess — when you realize that the “MDC” is a reference to the felon, hisself.

Yes, she is writing a book on him.

Here endeth the… junior high/middle school nonsense — all spewed by that one side tonight. Lauren Duca deserved bettermore support from you, and you know it — why would you down someone that the felon stalked and harassed? To curry favor?! Seriously?

That says more about you… than anything else.

Namaste to all of good will. Goodnight.

[Ed. Note — the B&W tonight is an honorific for the 76th anniversary of Ansel Adams having snapped what became his most iconic image, this same night — in 1941. Ask in comments — if you don’t know about “Moonrise Over Hernandez, New Mexico“….]


12 thoughts on “Some Odious (And Ultimately Childish) Back-Biting, By One “Journalist” — Against Another…

  1. FTD says:

    ^ Talk about trainwreck. I really wish others would stop blanketing politics in such trite fashioned speculations & narrow perceptions. “Since you don’t you like so n so, you must be on the side of that person” Yea, we are all in cahoots at a command center & we wear berets & wait for the next step in which we shall ruin the opposition. That’s us, we live to be planning the coup to bring down liberty! You nailed us, we need to find a new island of operations. 🙂

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    • condor says:

      Heads up — a very illuminating letter was filed by the AUSAs on Saturday afternoon; it relates to Mr. Greebel’s arguments centering on the sham “consulting” agreements Marty caused Retrophin to sign.

      I will likely redact all but the Marty bits — and post those… saving he full letter until the Greebel jury has completed deliberations and delivered a verdict.

      I do not want to give the jurors access to material about Mr. Greebel that may not be admitted as evidence — but it is s great five page letter.

      Namaste — look for the new post after sunrise…


    • bmartinmd says:

      Ms. Smythe is now officially a first-class jerk in the snark sewer of the Twitterverse. Lest she forget: Shkreli actually joked that he would get to f*ck — as in rape — Teen Vogue’s Lauren Duca if he were acquitted.

      I hope her book tanks on the basis of this utterly nasty tweet alone.

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      • bmartinmd says:

        This actually makes my blood boil. Here’s Smythe”s response to a commenter who wrote, “You should tell him. :)”

        This is completely beneath any credible journalist — especially a female journalist who publicly jokes (lamely) at the expense of another harassed female journalist. I’m actually speechless at this point.

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      • condor says:

        Clearly beyond the pale… I too rarely come up short for words… but I’m not sure I’d accept the idea she’s trying to court controversy and generate buzz for that book.

        This is… odious.

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  2. R West says:

    Crazy as it sounds, these people all need each other. No one (figuratively) even knew who Lauren Duca was before. It’s going to be hard for the author to hitch her wagon to the Shkreli/Duca publicity train though … not too many people are interested in this stuff like we are!

    Plus, once Martin is out of the limelight (fading everyday), there will be even less interest. I think that’s why Martin got himself into the Hillary trouble … he needed something for more attention when he realized how hard it is to keep the momentum going as a Youtube star!

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    • aldt440 says:

      I think your assessment is wrong. I hate Duca because she is divisive and gets artificially elevated search engine rankings for stirring up the pot. Calling her a journalist is a bit misleading. Propagandist would be a better label. My hate of her has nothing to do with Shkreli.

      Anyone that thinks I am attacking women or victim blaming is wrong because there is no nexus between hating Duca and attacking women’s rights. I support equality and do everything I can to deter prejudice. Social and main stream media should be ashamed of themselves for elevating pigs like Duca. They should be promoting real women that are compassionate, humble, and real leaders in their fields.

      A good example of virtues that should be promoted are Dr. Elaine Ingham’s. Ingham is taking on Monsanto, Dow, university subsidies, etc. and winning! She doesn’t need a Twitter following or hate men either! This is a fascinating presentation every feminist should watch:

      Hillary Clinton and her goons, like Twitter, know exactly what they are doing by promoting her crap like this:

      Do those look like the kind of tweets a former presidential candidate should be supporting?


    • condor says:

      You sure are… silly.

      I’m all good. And I think most politicians are dishonest — red or blue.

      So I’ve learned to operate… largely independently.

      So… good luck with all that Alt…



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