Bitcoin Bubble — And Marty Shkreli — On My Mind…

Hmmm… My daily train rides are rarely quite this “interesting“… but today’s was. I mentioned this in comments on another property I curate, where we were discussing the crazy Bitcoin bubble.

It will soon burst. But Bitcoin (just as is true with the accomplices in the below video), and Marty both rely, and relied, on willing shills. Inside helpers, that are made to look like independent “outsiders” assessing value.

So do keep your Benjamins in your pockets, on the trains, this Christmas:

The above actually happened on my train ride in this very morning….

And, speaking of willing shills, Mr. Brafman was quoted, thus today, by Law360: …Having had more than my share of full acquittals in the past, I was nevertheless very proud of the partial verdict in this case, where the jury voted to acquit in five of the most serious charges. One cannot help but wonder, however, what might have been the result if the media was slightly less prejudicial and more balanced….

I think Marty’s own conduct had more to do with the verdict, than media bias, Mr. Brafman. But I get that the idea is to work on avenues — for eventual appeals.

नमस्ते, to all of good will…. g’night!


3 thoughts on “Bitcoin Bubble — And Marty Shkreli — On My Mind…

  1. R West says:

    Here’s the transcript from the Shkreli sentencing in January:

    Judge: “Mr. Shkreli, I’m inclined to sentence you to the full 20 years on each count plus the 5 on conspiracy, all to run consecutively … that’s 45 years. BUT stop crying… if you can explain to me how Bitcoin works, and I finally understand it … you’re free to go!”

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  2. Anon.Mr. Darcy says:

    Smiling widely — at a potential for snow flurries there (and all the ensuing fun, for little ones!) — at 9:58 AM CST on Friday, the Eighth…. hey now, fondly, too.


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