[U] Defense Rests; One Last Argument — On Jury Instructions — Closings Today; Jury May Get The Case Tomorrow…

UPDATED @ 7 PM EST: Closing Arguments will continue tomorrow at 9:00 AM — thus: “…Counsel gave their closing arguments which shall continue on 12/21/17 at 9:00a.m. in Courtroom 6 C South before Judge Matsumoto….” So the jury will likely begin deliberations tomorrow afternoon —
Thursday. [End, update.]

This morning, closing arguments will begin in US v. Greebel (USDC, EDNY 15-CR-637-2), in the federal District Courtroom in Brooklyn. Clearly, the able Judge Matsumoto is reaching the limit of her patience with the lawyers who — after multiple revisions and “meet and confer” sessions — are still sniping at each other about finer points in the 79-some pages of jury instructions.

But the jury may have the case by this afternoon — and we may have a verdict before Christmas.

Now you know — with a hat tip to the pay-walled Law360 for the general outline and sense of this story; I supplemented it with a review of the docket, this morning — and new filings. Fair use claimed. Oh — and here is the verdict form — a simple one pager. That’s why I think we may have a verdict by Christmas Day — or soon thereafter. That, and I doubt this jury — after nine weeks — wants to be cooped up over the holidays, deliberating. Not so sure the defense strategy was smart — dragging on into this week — and putting the jury (potentially) into “hurry-up” mode. My sense is that this timing favors the AUSAs.




7 thoughts on “[U] Defense Rests; One Last Argument — On Jury Instructions — Closings Today; Jury May Get The Case Tomorrow…

  1. R West says:

    Five reasons Greebel is toast:

    1) Laymen hate lawyers.
    2) Didn’t testify in his own behalf.
    3) Emails seem to kill him.
    4) Jury instructions don’t seem to help him.
    5) Wasted everyone’s time before Christmas!

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    • condor says:

      Ms. Smythe tweets presently that the AUSAs’ summation is complete; next up after a break is… Mr. Greebel’s lawyer — Mr. Brodsky… now you know!


      • R West says:

        Fed. Rules of Criminal Procedure:
        Rule 29.1 Closing Argument
        Closing arguments proceed in the following order:

        (a) the government argues;

        (b) the defense argues; and

        (c) the government rebuts.

        Seems pretty obvious, but jury consultants will tell you “(c)” is huge advantage for Gov’t., which helps partly to explain 95% conviction rate!


    • condor says:

      All is great! And I haven’t really “covered” it… just peeked in from time to time… snort!

      The whole thing is… fascinating!

      Yes travels were great… and my own grown kids are home — “with spice” for the holidays. That’s the plural of spouse, btw — in our family.

      Wishing you and yours all the best in 2018!


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