[U] Two — NO, FOUR — SEALED Briefs Have Now Been Filed In Brooklyn, As To Mr. Greebel’s Trial…

UPDATED: 01.03.18 @ 1 PM EST — two more sealed letter briefs have been filed. This must go to the heart of the verdict, given the way it is being contested — on a near-24 hour clock, in real time. We will keep you updated. [End, updated portion.]

So we will need to wait a tic — to likely read the able Judge Matsumoto’s order.

I now strongly suspect the sealing would indicate the issue is about private facts, related to one or more jurors.

Said another way, the defendant, now convicted, is unlikely to win the benefit of such a sealing order — as he is a limited purpose public figure — as to trial related matters, from now on. And unless the AUSAs intend to charge someone new, with a new crime — they wouldn’t likely be granted a sealing order here.

So we will wait — and watch.

Separately, we hear that the Brooklyn MDC (i.e., Marty’s joint) lacks adequate heat — and doesn’t issue a lot of heavy weather gear to inmates… so the concrete floors and walls are likely VERY cold. To be clear — that is wrong — but it makes Marty no different than most other felony convicts — in the generally barbarian US prison system — as it exists, at winter.

But we do genuinely feel for him — as we do for all the long term incarcerated.

Have a blessed, peaceful and prosperous 2018, one and all.


5 thoughts on “[U] Two — NO, FOUR — SEALED Briefs Have Now Been Filed In Brooklyn, As To Mr. Greebel’s Trial…

  1. R West says:

    Let me guess: So if it’s like most of the defendant’s arguments, it is something like this: During voir dire, they ask for your views on the federal government. And … a juror’s second cousin on their former spouse’s side probably once visited an office building a few years ago and got lost on the wrong floor… then they stopped a kind stranger in the hall to ask for directions, who turned out to be an FBI agent … and the cousin commented on how nice the stranger was .. and the former spouse mentioned the story at Thanksgiving dinner a few years ago .. so there was a bias for the Gov’.t not disclosed by the juror!

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    • condor says:

      Hilarious, R West!

      And likely spot on… just FYI — as an update, two more sealed letter briefs were filed this morning — all pertaining to the same December 29, 2017 impromptu conference call, with the able judge.

      So we can say with confidence what ever it is, it is a hotly contested matter — likely going to the heart of the verdict.

      We will — as ever — keep you posted, here.



      • R West says:

        Wow .. Condor getting into serious journalism! You may not realize it, but you hit on a very topical issue: Federal Courts are routinely sealing filings that should not be sealed … https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/volokh-conspiracy/wp/2017/07/06/sealed-cases-sealed-documents-sealed-opinions/?utm_term=.16ce2cad747d
        If you have the time, you should contact the court reporter at the New York Times to investigate Greebel’s case filings … they probably don’t know what’s going on. We are getting tired of all this suspicious sealing.

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      • condor says:

        Thanks R. West — I actually think this sealing makes sense. In a few days, we will know what it was about. And, unlike the usual convicts, I am fairly jealous about protecting the privacy of the good citizens who agree to serve as jurors — if that is what this one centers around.

        Doubly so, if it is about any of the intensely private health issues of one or more jurors.

        That said, while I do concur with your larger point — you will recall that the NY Post and NYT won the right to listen in on voir dire, in Shkreli’s trial. So, I suspect this particular Judge (Kiyo Matsumoto) doesn’t just seal stuff willy-nilly. I trust she has a sound reason for doing so — and we will know it all, soon enough.

        Namaste — I really appreciate your input, and insights, here!


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