Truly — I Don’t Care — There Is Nothing Of Note Here…

But here on Sunday night, I’ll post the letter at right, received this past week, by a journalist — just to keep a complete record, on old Marty — pre-sentencing.

The letter treads no new ground — but apparently the media reporter (not Ms. Smythe) who received it has since deleted the tweet that contained it (we learn that from Ms. Smythe’s Twitter feed). So… I suppose it should be archived (click it to embiggify).

Personally, I see the contents of the letter as… worthless — (1) Marty doesn’t like the media. Y A W N.

(2) Marty doesn’t love creating free content for Facebook. Y A W N.

But he cares so desperately much about it, he has conscripted a surrogate to post — on Facebook — for him. [Or… the Brooklyn lockup is just dreadfully boring to a guy like him.]


Onward to Monday — ever onward — under cold and snowy skies.




9 thoughts on “Truly — I Don’t Care — There Is Nothing Of Note Here…

  1. R West says:

    I liked those little video vignettes Martin did on Sunday nights. When he ran through the biotech and pharma stocks, he was amazingly accurate in some of his predictions. Now I’m lost without that guidance. Without some kind of “inside” knowledge, the pharma market will just fleece investors.

    So, do you know anything about Immumedics (IMMU)? Is it a buy, hold or sell? Thx.

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    • condor says:

      I’ll take a look — but will not match Marty on that score. Some of his self taught scientific knowledge plainly eclipses… my own.



    • FTD says:

      You know he isn’t the only person that gives good picks in biotech,right ? He isn’t the messiah of biotech investing just because he researched a few companies. Most of the shit he sputtered was just fancy jargon to make him look like he knows about any of these medical breakthroughs.

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    • condor says:

      Based on a cursory review, I’d say if you bought Immumedics at $10 or less — hold for a bit. I would not buy a new position at these levels.

      Longer term, it’s best bet is a buy out by Merck or BMS, or Roche — if any of its Phase I/II trials turn up a significant positive result.

      I don’t see it making a longer term run as an independent. It lacks the scale of capital needed to compete in immuno-oncology (where Merck and BMS already lead), and the founding husband and wife team (they control much of the IP, personally)… is at odds with the current management. They are trying to settle their disputes, but this is the old adage “if they walk out… there is no real company…”

      So — if I believe a buy out might come, I’d buy when it dips below $12 — but be prepared to lose it all.

      If you bought at $20 or above… and you have some capital gains to shelter with capital losses, I might take some of those losses… and sell most of my position.

      In sum — the small chance of a home run requires beating much larger, on market players — not too attractive to me, at least.


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      • R West says:

        Thanks a million … I’m going to hold on for a buyout. I see some news tonight: “Celgene to buy Impact Biomedicines for as much as $7 billion”

        P.S. Watch … Condor makes a few biotech stock recommendations and gains a Shkreli-like following!

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      • R West says:

        I’ve got to hand it to you Condor … I never would have noticed there was a husband and wife involved in a million years … names don’t match anywhere. I was thinking, “what is Condor talking about? He must have the wrong company.” But now I see it’s confirmed in the 10-K:

        “These include Dr. David M. Goldenberg, a director and our Chief Scientific Officer and Chief Patent Officer, who was the former Chairman of our Board of Directors, Ms. Cynthia L. Sullivan, a director and our former President and Chief Executive Officer (who is also the wife of Dr. Goldenberg), ….”

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      • R West says:

        Market summary > Immunomedics, Inc.
        NASDAQ: IMMU – Jan 9, 4:33 PM EST
        16.97USD Price increase 1.29 (8.23%)

        Wow … Immunomedics, Inc up 8.23% in one day!

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      • condor says:

        Nice! Looks like the Royalty Pharma deal will give them up to $250 million to spend on the clinical trials, too!


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