I Am… Torn, Here: While I Am Likely To Hold “Marty’s Version” (Almost 300 Pages)…

I will not unduly adorn this post with graphics. I have decided to allow Marty to speak for himself.

I will save all the other 300 some pages, written by Marty’s counsel (and filed tonight) — until (in fairness) the AUSAs get their say — in a sentencing memo now due from the government on March 5, 2018.

In any event — after yesterday’s 93 page opinionwe all know where this is going. And Marty’s self serving filing comes decidedly too late, to change that. Some chunks of the 300 pages simply make me want to retch — at the lies — primarily about his actually having created life saving drugs, himself. Ugh.

But I will let the readership judge whether this — his “apology” — reflects the sort of remorse an able judge — like Judge Matsumoto — would be willing to give an outrageously vast downward departure to (Marty is asking 12 to 18 months in total sentence — coupled to 2,000 hours of…  community service!)… or not. I see it as (largely more) clueless narcissism. Three pages, in order (click to enlarge each):

Do read what he wrote. And I am sure Ms. Smythe will start quoting Mr. Brafman’s magnum opus shortly — in which case, I may need to respond in kind.

Onward — this is truly… the sad part: when justice… makes everyone just a little… uncomfortable. But that is… justice.


12 thoughts on “I Am… Torn, Here: While I Am Likely To Hold “Marty’s Version” (Almost 300 Pages)…

  1. bmartinmd says:

    This letter of contrition comes off like what a sociopath/narcissist thinks an apology should look like. His whole prison narrative is a great example: He’s educating and comforting his fellow inmates, not the other way around.

    I suspect that the judge has heard it all, and this is one more plea of mercy to add to the pile. It sounds like she’s fully justified on the merits of the losses alone to hand down a stiff sentence. We’ll find out soon enough.

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  2. R West says:

    Martin’s letter has some problems … too many excuses. Writing a letter like that has some risks and can backfire … a little surprised Martin’s attorneys didn’t make it more straightforward.

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  3. condor says:

    Do go look at a buried reply I just copied to you from yesterday’s posts (image from filing embedded there)… Probation folks (impartial) see it as… wait for it! A… 41 (!) under the guidelines. HRC threat makes a “y-u-u-uge” difference. Yikes. [We forgot 8 for investment advisor and role in scheme (he was lead advisor at MSMB entities)…] Even I think that might be too much — that’s like 32 to 36 years. I think the able Judge won’t go that far. [He’d be in his late 50s when he got out.]


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    • condor says:

      Right. And see my reply — one I am now intentionally burying (in prior comments, as an image link) below, in a response to R. West — I’ve got the Probation Dept. Guidelines Suggested Offense Level — it is deep, man. Mr. Schwartz (the expert) forgot about an enhancement for “investment advisor”. Oops. It would be WAY over 20 years, if Probation’s rec is accepted.


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  4. CagingMartens says:

    Requesting 12 to 18 months!? Yeah and I’d like the supreme court to overturn Wickard v Filburn and dogecoin to become the national currency! And free ice cream for everyone!

    Not happening.

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