[U, X3] Final “Locked-Down”(!) Contest Guesses — Let Me Know If I Missed Anyone…


36 thoughts on “[U, X3] Final “Locked-Down”(!) Contest Guesses — Let Me Know If I Missed Anyone…

  1. Peter and Paul says:

    winning prize instructions for Peter and Paul

    1. copy public key from here:
    2. go here
    paste the public key in the first box
    in the second box write your email (to send shkreli a letter, and your name and phone number to chat about case)
    click encrypt message and copy the message
    3. go here
    paste your encrypted message
    reply to this post with your pastebin url
    4. i will do a similar process and read your private message

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      • condor says:

        Hmmm… You should probably review the (ahem!) contest terms… I only offered to forward your public questions, as a journalist … let me think on this.

        You just appeared on my site overnight, but I’ve reviewed your ISP, geographical location, carrier and device details… in sum, you seem legit…

        But as I say… you are trying to alter the contest terms, post hoc.

        Let me give it some thought. I don’t really want to create a private channel of communication, and inadvertently create an attorney client relationship.

        Alternatively… since Marty’s not going anywhere for about six years — you have time to mail to my US postal address, on paper. That’s a PO Box in Chicago listed on the current top post at riotblockchainreviewed [dot] WordPress [dot] com.

        No Atty client relationship created, until I respond to yours, so indicating.


        Namaste, and congrats!


      • Peter and Paul says:

        aha. the “chat about case” means the marty shkreli case.
        not a “my case” sort of thing.
        but i have your address. I will send you a letter anyways.
        and maybe also post public questions here.
        need to take a breather though. my finger is sore pressing refresh on twitter.

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  2. mscatherinahorowitz says:

    So you think the government are going to launch an appeal? I hope they don’t. 3-7 years would be time enough to cultivate a sense of remorse I think, at the same time as not being too heavy. And that’s what he got. I agree with Brafman, 15 is too much.

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    • condor says:

      Too early to say. But I think the AUSAs may appeal.

      I know Mr. Brafman will — so the government may need to do so — just to show they really believed 15 was the just number, based on prior Second Circuit precedents…

      We shall see. But if nothing changes, he will have to do at least 85 per cent of the 7 years.

      Namaste… that’s assuming he does all good time (no infractions).


  3. R West says:

    What the expert court consultants will tell you is, since Marty is coming from prison in his jump suit, it’s going to be easier for the Judge to give him a harsher sentence. If he showed up from home (as would have been the original plan) in some nice business clothes, his chances would be better. Granted, a judge is not a jury, but the Judge has to deal with the court of public opinion … and the news media will have some drawings of Marty in his jumpsuit … so it’s like the Judge is starting out on first base already!

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  4. R West says:

    As a technical matter (for debating purposes), I’m not sure that the crimes merge and 20 is the max. sentence, as some have indicated … since the different crimes had different victims. Probably more of a theoretical issue, since unlikely Judge would go beyond 20 in any event… but we like to debate these things!.

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    • condor says:

      Fascinating. Professor Coffee is a very smart guy. He thinks “no way” will Judge Matsumoto pull a 20 or more. Me? I’m not so sure.

      It seems some of the letters authored by the guy who wrote the article, and Marty’s replies, may also have been part of the AUSAs’ filing this week.

      W I L D.


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