Those “UN-Solicited” Letters — About Marty — Will Be On File, By Tonight…

Okay. Here is the latest, as we await tomorrow’s orders. [And to be clear, the image at right is one of the SOLICITED letters, from the defense filing — of last week. (More about that letter, likely from PathoPhilia, later — note that the person writing it was under the impression from Marty, no doubt, that FDA granted an APPROVAL, in Cypress — which we all know… could never ever… happen), based on her, and our, and now Dan’s comments at CNBC (linked), last evening.]:

ORDER as to Martin Shkreli.

The court will so-order, in part, the parties’ joint proposal regarding letters the court has received in connection with the sentencing in this case. On notice to the defense, the government shall, by March 8, 2018, redact the letters to ensure that (1) only individuals’ personally identifiable information (“PII”) (e.g. date of birth, contact information, etc.) is redacted, but the name of the person submitting the letter shall not be redacted except as provided in (2) herein; (2) the author’s name, and the names of family members and/or friends, together with all other PII, must also be redacted in circumstances where the disclosure of the author’s name could result in an association between a specific individual and a specific medical condition. Ordered by Judge Kiyo A. Matsumoto on 3/7/2018….

And now — as of 2 PM EST, the able AUSAs have confirmed (by a similarly-filed letter) that they have delivered said as-redacted letters — to the court. So… we should see them by later tonight Eastern, on the PACER docket.

I’ll have the full listing of contest guesses — for easy reference — up later tonight as well. Onward.


15 thoughts on “Those “UN-Solicited” Letters — About Marty — Will Be On File, By Tonight…

  1. mscatherinahorowitz says:

    My computer just decided to “pack up”, but I managed to get it running again, so I can get the news in a timely fashion. PS. you missed me off your bet list. I said 8 years. I think its likely he’ll get more, but I’ll stick with 8.

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  2. R West says:

    Just to make this post look official, I’ve redacted a good part of it …

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    • condor says:

      And… I think the window will remain open until 9 AM EST, tomorrow… but a new post locks in an imaged PNG format, all the guesses that I show were formally made — by way of comments, since we learned of the Probation Services… 41. [And henceforth — absent a “time served” miracle — all the color scheme bars, and graphics. . . on this site will go gray, likely exclusively….]

      Still no unsolicited letter copies, so I’ll put a pin in it — for tonight.

      I’ve so enjoyed these dialogues… and up or down — tomorrow will be a… somber day.

      Now, if most of us feel a little uncomfortable about what we see tomorrow — then justice was probably done.

      I think that was Oliver Wendell Holmes.


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      • condor says:

        Nah. He’s a felon. But I genuinely know what it’s like to be on the phone with someone (15 minutes each day as that’s all he’s allowed — as one of his final remaining contacts, on the outside)… in prison, with zero hope of every standing outside the high walls again. Next time this person leaves — it will be in a cheap pine box.

        So… this is not a future I want… for anyone.

        But it is justice (as our system sees it) for this felon.

        If the Marty followers wanted to do something real (and Aldt440 is RIGHT, about this), they’d take up sentencing reform — for the hundreds of thousands of anonymous brown skinned (and some white-) young girls and boys, and men and women treated far more shabbily… than their poster boy.

        [Here I cannot resist one final Marty “fraud”: he said, while preparing for his own trial, that he would get the young rapper he was sponsoring in a recording career — one Bobby Shmurda out of jail, on bail — after seeing how horrible Rikers was/is. Then… he just left Bobby Shmurda… to rot. I think Mr. Shmurda is still in Rikers, with a few years yet, to his FIRST trial date. So… tomorrow’s decade-and-a-half may be… karma calling — for that, as well.]


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  3. bmartinmd says:

    I have nothing much to say regarding the mother’s heartfelt letter, but Shkreli’s incarceration will have no effect on any potential access to RE-024 or any other rare disease drug.

    RE-024 is Retrophin’s property, despite that face that Shkreli is a patent holder. Whatever happens to its development depends on Retrophin, the FDA, and (most important) the safety and efficacy of the drug itself in well-controlled clinical trials.

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    • condor says:

      Without a doubt… tomorrow might be hectic… and if they don’t come by… I’m perfectly fine with that too!



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