Next Up? Mr. Brafman’s Brief On The Three “Ps”: Prison Placement Preference — Due Tuesday…

I am semi-reliably informed (by someone who claims to have been in the courtroom, yesterday) that both sides agreed to make Marty’s entire psychiatric and health workup public… “on Tuesday“.

I (for one) will be surprised if that conjecture turns be to be completely true. I do think a summary of those federal health information findings will be made public on Tuesday (much along the lines of what the MSM has been reporting overnight), as the same will likely be a part of, and contained inside Mr. Brafman’s first brief, almost certainly arguing for a “Camp Fed” facility placement (and seemingly incidentally, suggesting a preliminary plan of restitution).

Placement is usually argued (by the defense counsel) as to where the felon will best fit, and be both safe, and secure, for his stay. [Moreover, if he is to get psychological treatment (as the able judge suggested yesterday), it will need to be in a facility that provides such a service, for example. And the upshot — but not the “sources and methods” (if you will) — of his eval will be relevant for all of that.]

We expect the government’s answer to those defense papers will be filed on Thursday (just before our plans for a boisterous and hilarious St. Patrick’s 2018!) — thus, the graphic at upper right.

We also STILL expect that the unsolicited letters (likely in a redacted form) will be made public in the next few days, as the able Judge had suggested, last week. “We, the people…” have a right to see them. And if need be, the news outlets will file papers for access, and we will all subsequently read them… there.

Now you know — but what a layperson overhears in a courtroom… may differ — and differ, markedly — from what (usually at least) actually turns out to transpire.

नमस्ते — and so, “eventually, all things merge into one… and a river runs through it….” I am haunted by waters.


31 thoughts on “Next Up? Mr. Brafman’s Brief On The Three “Ps”: Prison Placement Preference — Due Tuesday…

  1. Bostonborn66 says:

    No one said anything about them being statements from your blog lol, if you think he’s getting more time added on today you’re truly insane, and supervisided doesn’t equal 10 but if it helps you sleep better lol. Feel free to pretend your crystal ball is working. As tho everyone hasn’t seen you post those things 1000000 times lol, the psychosis is so real.


  2. Bostonborn66 says:

    Lol….”noanyone (without a law degree, who has followed the case, closely) who thinks he’s getting less than 10 years is just stupid.” [Edited, for accuracy of the original quote she refers to.]

    [Other statements the blog author never made have been redacted, for accuracy.]

    ***** gets 7 years with time served ***** [Actually… he got ten years, total — with the last three of it as supervised release, with likely very onerous conditions of supervision, given his on the record threats.

    But that is what this week’s filings are all about. Watch. And learn.]

    Well he may have gotten a little less than I thought but you said 0-6 months so you’re still stupid and I’m not 😝😝😝😝 [Not worthy of any response; blog author didn’t make the last half of the statement.]

    Case closed. [Agreed, indedd. Q.E.D..]


  3. Bostonborn66 says:

    Lmao no surprise there you don’t have the boots to apologize. So sad I’m not welcome in your little blog but no matter, sheep exist everywhere with all kinds of leaders lol, have fun…… however inaccurate and distorted it is.


    • condor says:

      To quote Marty (with entirely INTENDED ironic effect): “does a giraffe… apologize for its long neck?”

      I don’t. think. so. Again a la Marty: “…it’s what makes me… me.”

      I don’t apologize for how the criminal law works… just as I showed you it would.

      He got a little less time than I guessed, but you all said zero to six months, for the record.

      And if he continues to push the “I’m so special….” line on appeal, he may end up seeing a decade inside. The Second Circuit has so ruled before, on appeal.

      But as I say — just scroll on by. Mind… over matter.



  4. Bostonborn66 says:

    Lmao wtf are you talking about? Because we thought you were being slime for taking bets that’s reporting you? Lol man you are paranoid. Libel would equal something that is untrue lol, threatening to be the troll you are doesn’t change that lmao. Expose!!! Lmao man you just cant handle being called out on your crap without acting like a child.


    • condor says:

      You should probably… re-read your own late night posts here, from last night.

      I’ll say no more as you are now in the “mind, over matter” category — for me:

      I don’t mind — because you… don’t… matter.

      Me? I’m waiting for Mr. Brafman’s argument for a club fed — likely to arrive after 6 pm Eastern.

      Look for it as a new post.

      Namaste — to all others (those of good will)…


      • Bostonborn66 says:

        What about it. None of it isn’t true so don’t pull your high and mighty threatening crap with me condor. You started this so hide behind your “I’m gonna expose you shit” If you choose because google is a beautiful thing and I’m certainly transparent with nothing to hide lol. You aren’t the only one with archives, nor are you the only one with the ability and/or connections to expose someone bullshit. A simple apology to the people you literally spent a year shittting on when we were right to begin with would have sufficed , being a spoiled child who doesn’t like being challenged isn’t becoming at all.

        Liked by 1 person

      • condor says:

        There will never be an apology.

        That’s a guaranty.

        Marty is a crook. And it’s not my fault you sheeple get offended… by the reality of it.

        Here’s some sage advice: if you don’t like what I write… feel free to scroll on by. No one forced you kids to read this site.

        And generally, I avoid Twitter because of… idiots — like you.

        If you insist on making false claims about DMs — I’ll post them. Full stop. The full texts — of people trying to “come on” to me… it’s sad, really.

        See — “I jes’ don’t like that flavah, hun….”

        But whatevs… if you come here, you and you alone should expect to be treated in a mocking fashion henceforth.

        Out. Drip mic.


  5. Bostonborn66 says:

    Lmao yes condor, everyone knows when they don’t agree with you they are simply dillusional or a disciple or some kinda shit. Get help man, your obsession is so unhealthy you actually believe your own bullshit despite being proven wrong every step of the way.

    Liked by 2 people

    • mscatherinahorowitz says:

      Aren’t you being a little harsh, Bostonborn66. He’s taken the time and effort to do this blog, so probably has some underlying care for Martin, in a distant way. And he’s cordial to everyone who comes here.

      Everyone’s entitled to have some *attachment* to their viewpoint, and Condor just regards Shkreli as guilty and culpable…And the crime as significantly departing from proper upstanding behavior. Which is sort of correct because Shkreli is said to be quite intelligent and his scheme lasted a significant period of time.

      If I’d have had different life experiences, I might also see it that way. But having made a lot of mistakes in life myself – some which were awfully costly – so I personally do sympathise with Shkreli, even though I can’t quite imagine doing what he has done, myself. I understand that wrong doing can start as a seed that grows into something more out of control.

      Those who haven’t made many mistakes in life might not understand just how victimising it is to be one’s own worst enemy. And what a vulnerable place one can be in, like Shkreli is right now.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Bostonborn66 says:

        Clearly you have missed condors behavior and comments to anyone and everyone who has disagreed with him Throughout this entire process. His condascending comments, while he completely wrong every step of the way, created how people see him outside the very few who read this blog. So no, I don’t think it’s harsh at all to remind him people maybe, just maybe, may have a less tainted viewpoint.

        Liked by 1 person

      • condor says:

        See my other reply. Good luck figuring out how to behave like a… grownup. First it was you were going to complain to ethics boards — about my running a sentence guessing poll, online.

        Now it’s (apparently) that you are going to try (vainly) to libel me, by suggesting that women who DM-ed me FIRST — some with purely sexual (but sh!t-post) come-ons — were told to “get to stepping“, as I have that role well covered, in my real world life — and have now been unable to get some sh!tpost grins from it, after being blocked (also by me). One or more of them must have told you (falsely) that I’ve behaved in some vague way… inappropriately.

        [Bring it on, I say. I’ll post the full DM transcripts right here, of all their DMs. They will be exposed as sh!tposting idiots. I’ve never fallen for such nonsense before — and I never will. Idiots. This will be hilarious. You have no idea about how my life really works. Once again, Patty, you’ve been lied to, this time by your sh!t-poster “friends“….]

        Post any DM you claim to have a copy of, right here — and I will provide the full transcript of their quite ugly and unavailing come-ons. Sauce for the goose, mademoiselle.

        Actually… just to be clear — I don’t intend to sue for libel, as I know (from the background check) that you don’t have nearly enough assets to cover the judgment (I’d win). So get to stepping before you too get blocked.

        I don’t care that you’ve made, and continue to make, poor choices in friendship. Yes, that includes your fellow-sh!t-posters.

        Prepare for it to get harsh here — if you persist in your lies — about unsolicited DMs from women I had — and have — zero intention of speaking with. But be prepared to have your details exposed to the world here, as well. I don’t cotton to attempts to “play me”.

        And I am completely unafraid of any false “#timesup” or “#metoo” BULLSH!T from you and your sh!tposting script-kiddies.


      • Bostonborn66 says:

        His tendency to jump from this blog to twitter for no other reason to tell people how stupid, dillusional and/or brainwashed people are did nothing but make him look like an irrational crazy person. Not one prediction he argued with us over and insisted we were wrong about ended up in his favor. Sorry to tell you but the only person condor thinks is entitled to an opinion, despite how insane it may be, is himself. We aren’t holding our breath for an apology for his deplorable behavior given how wrong he was right up to sentencing but I think we’ve made it clear now how unappreciated his attitude and clear lack of knowledge of who Martin is was.

        [False and defamatory material regarding a claim (made by Bostonborn66) — about DMs has been removed — by the blog’s admin — to avoid defaming third parties as well. Archived copies of the redacted portion have been stored, and are available for evidence, in any subsequent legal proceedings.]

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      • condor says:

        You are entitled to your opinion. But I’ll not be libeled — in my own house, Patty.

        All the DMs were UNSOLICITED (i.e., they DM-ed me first) — and FROM ME, not one DM was inappropriate. In fact, I’ve had to suggest I’d block a few of these women — for not accepting that I will never ever “hook up”, or “meet up” with any of you. I’ve kept copies of it all myself, knowing that someone as… ill-mannered as you, might make the DMs a false issue.

        And so, Patty, I should warn you: libel and slander are actionable, as well.

        Do avoid making knowingly false statements — when someone DM’s me FIRST, I reply in the way they reply… to ME. Any other suggestion… is libelous, per se.

        So run along now — before you get yourself in some trouble you can’t sh!tpost your way out of.

        There will be no apologies. I’m happy with how I’ve conducted myself.

        In fact, on reflection, perhaps I was too gracious — to you in particular.

        Speaking of wrong (about just about everything) — you were — and continue to be… so be careful about defaming me here. This is my house; and you’re standing in ankle deep sh!t — in my front yard. Honestly, I’ve done a background check — and you CLEARLY don’t have… the boots for it.

        No namaste, this time.


  6. FTD says:

    Just a reminder for Marty supporters commenting, he did this to himself. Every step of the way he knew exactly what he was doing, the emails show it, the attitude shows….

    More importantly, he isn’t a medical genius, this is just lazy PR fluff. His company will be on the chopping block soon and forgotten about.

    Let’s not forget how trash this guy is with employees who called him out on his own shit. 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  7. mscatherinahorowitz says:

    Of course, money was involved – that’s the central crux of the issue – so greed perhaps got the better of him in some form or another. Maybe I need to take him down off the pedastal.

    We live in a world where there are ~all kinds~ of disgraceful injustices and inequalities, some of them “legal” such as nuclear weapons and late term abortion, to name just two.

    I tend to think the majority of people come short in some way or another. Or that “sin” is often easy to do. And I’m not fond of labelling folks.

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  8. Bostonborn66 says:

    That fact that you find so much pleasure in knowing the facts of his eval is pathetic. The details of his childhood trauma and other things that were discussed are no ones business, certainly not someone with such a level of hatred for someone who has done nothing to you. Please continue spending countless hours hating someone who doesn’t know you’re alive. And he’s, they meet Tuesday to discuss placement, exactly what redactions to leave before his psych eval is released as well as the unsolicited letters she talked about during sentencing.

    Liked by 1 person

    • condor says:

      Um… okay. Project, much?

      Do you even remember what you wrote, not 40 hours ago here? [I said it was mostly private, so I’d not repeat it. You claimed that wasn’t true.]

      Speaking of help… you should probably… get some. Seriously.

      I don’t hate him. I don’t give a rip, anymore — I’ve done what I set out to do.

      Marty created a false narrative about himself — and a cult of personality — that gullible kittens (like you)… lapped up, like warm milk, from his FB, YouTube and Twitter bowl(s). He worked tirelessly to create his social media false “bro” persona. You fell for it — but he lied to you.

      So, I decided to offer (here)… a more “realistic” assessment of him — as a failed life sciences fraudster.

      Nothing more — but nothing less. As you may see (40 hours ago), I actually believe his health information should remain mostly private. Frankly… I don’t care.

      We all suffered some trauma as kids… what we decided to do about it — is what makes the difference.

      Lots of others endured far worse, and are thriving under a free sky this Sunday at luminous dawn.

      But not Marty — he’s staring at gray walls, and flickering fluorescent lights.

      Suggesting that childhood trauma is the reason he’s in the clink is… silly, where I come from.

      He made ADULT decisions — to lie, cheat and steal. These are his… consequences.


      PS — there will be no discussion in court Tuesday. Just Benjamin Brafman’s written submission, by electronic means. Then Thursday, the AUSAs will answer.


      • mscatherinahorowitz says:

        Of course, if a person suffers very serious abuse, it could well effect upon the future of their life. But that’s just common sense. I don’t particularly see why people write books on that, nor do I have any faith in talk-therapy. Life is just life. As my grandmother used to say, you just have to “get on with it”.

        Regarding being a gullible kitten, even if he did worse things than he has, I’d still love Martin in a general spiritual sense because he’s a quirky livewire…And also because, its just good to emanate love people and see the best in them.

        I would admit I do think he is a somewhat selfish person though. I think it was mostly his pride which led to this fall, rather than overt greed. As he said in the sentencing hearing, he’s not chiefly motivated by money, but status and reputation are a big deal to him.

        I believe him when he says that.

        Liked by 1 person

      • condor says:

        Okay — I do hear you. And your grandmother… was a wise woman! Smile…

        But as to greed, the facts are a little more stubborn: there is very good evidence that he SPENT over $20 million of the money he made in the scams… on a Picasso, the Wu-; on an Enigma machine… and strip clubs… as well as a lot of McD’s… so forgive me if I call “bullsh!t” On that claim of his, as well.

        Finally — he has left Bobby Shmura to rot — in Rikers, despite promising to pay his bail.

        To my eye — that’s just… a narcissist — but I’ll not dabble in deviant psychological evaluation land, today.

        I appreciate all you add here! Thanks!

        Liked by 1 person

      • FTD says:

        I think I know who that person is, I won’t snitch. But that person is a well known apologist. 🙂

        I hope that person keeps the same energy when Marty fucks up in prison & adds more time on his sentence for prison violations. Because let’s be honest, this guy still thinks he can get away with crap. 🙂

        Liked by 2 people

      • condor says:

        Thanks FTD — I do know exactly who she is. But here, I care less about someone’s name — and more, about their… ideas.

        Thanks but any and all points of view — especially nominally disguised ones — are welcome.

        Maybe we can learn from each other.

        You input — as ever, is highly valued!


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