While We Wait, For Tuesday — Some More TRUTH About Marty’s… “Character”.

This will be a short one — as it has been reported extensively, in hip-hop source outlets. [And it is merely cumulative, as to the AUSAs’ evidence of his past conduct….]

The graphic at right really says it all. [Even so, here is our backgrounder, from early 2016, at the original KaloBios bankruptcy blog, on it all.]

Let’s be clear: where Marty is now held — in the Brooklyn MDC — is a veritable country club… compared to Rikers.

Marty apparently helped finance this rap artist — and then, apparently visited this rap artist just once in Rikers, while Mr. Pollard was awaiting a final determination, on his bail amount, to be set at a then-distant hearing date.

Marty widely proclaimed on social media that he (Oh “Magnanimous Marty”) would bail Bobby out — given how awful the conditions at Rikers are. [Marty planned to have Mr. Pollard record exclusively for him, to recoup the bail bond stake, it appears. So it always was about a quick buck, for Marty, in my opinion.]

Then Marty flat-out abandoned him. So he had to take a plea, since he didn’t have $2 million — and wouldn’t have survived very long in Rikers, awaiting a trial, some four years off.

Now Bobby is in Clinton (i.e., a better place — but still a real prison) — and, his release date is likely mid-2020….

Classy move, Marty. Classy.  Now you know.

And please do note the irony — when Marty files his papers on Tuesday — to say he needs to be placed at a “camp fed” facility, due to HIS fragile condition.


21 thoughts on “While We Wait, For Tuesday — Some More TRUTH About Marty’s… “Character”.

  1. FTD says:

    The exploitation game that Marty played with other people in jail & pretended like he was interested, it is so disgusting. I won’t even mention the obvious skin contrast when you play this game to a willing audience. He’s a horrible person who may not be able to be corrected, we don’t know.

    But as for now, supporters need to wake up & see he isn’t your idol to give acclaim & sympathy towards.

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    • Scott says:

      Supporters of his character? hilarious. Anyone else happen to see that right after the Sentencing on Friday, MS initiated another bloodletting Saturday morning at his Vyera company that he apparently still runs from Jail? Chief marketing officer and bunch of others fired hours after the sentence. Apparently in context of arguing to judge he is a “changed man”, didn’t want to create anymore enemies or notoriety doing it before. But now, this potentially puts even more patients at risk of death of not getting the drug, all because he gutted the company, and just has his former hedge fund cronies as CEO and CFO who have never had corporate positions before in their lives in these high paying positions, and will never get another job even close to that.

      Unbelievable that government doesn’t do something about this, people literally likely to die, because MS continues to run the company from prison, make decisions like this as he is being sentenced

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      • condor says:

        Thank you for this, Scott. I may make it a new post — come morning.

        Namaste — and welcome to our tiny fiefdom!


      • Scott says:

        Will add, Judge cited letters in sentencing from Aids organizations across the country indicating that Martin’s continued ownership of Turing, now Vyera, running it from jail, is putting patient lives at risk

        Judge cites another letter from a doctor highlighting a patient that died 3 weeks ago because he couldn’t get the drug from Martin’s company.

        Not sure if these letters become part of the public record, but Judge referenced them

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      • condor says:

        They will. We are awaiting their appearance, on the public side of PACER — any day now.

        Based on the PACER letter from the AUSAs on March 8, referencing a March 7 order from the able judge, there would be at least 12 such UNSOLICITED letters: Exhibits 14 to 22 and 24 to 28.

        They are redacted and awaiting Judge Matsumoto’s release of them — into the record.

        Thank you, and… namaste!


  2. R West says:

    Martin has a talent for teaching. If the violent, convicted ex-con bank robber can teach law school at Georgetown, there’s still hope for Martin … wait, maybe Georgetown law school is way overrated?

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    • condor says:

      Absolutely — in fact, it is a common restriction in cases where (as here) the internet was a tool of crime for him.

      Of course, as we’ve seen — if he has given a surrogate his password to FB (where he is not yet banned), and sends messages in paper mail (i.e., read by DOC guards)… and the surrogate post for him (or he does the same by outgoing collect phone call — to pre-approved numbers — there won’t be much done about it.

      But I would expect at a minimum (in his permanent facility), he will need to “earn” phone and/or email privileges with at least 30 days of good time…

      In general, he will never have unrestricted internet access — and that will likely continue for the full ten years (including the three of “special conditions” release, post finishing his seven).

      We shall see what the able judge orders!

      Namaste… good question!


      • condor says:

        And to be clear, the judge may (but probably won’t) make that permanent — so he could be locked up again, if he violates the terms of only limited internet access (if for example, the NYPD, or FBI — caught him at an Internet cafe, using a faked account — to surf)… or harass women.

        Time will tell…


      • condor says:

        And now… [genuinely hoping this doesn’t come off as… creepy — just a quick Google] on… “humanitarian rural banking” in [a specific South American economy] — what a clever, and worthwhile, project!

        Let me — on behalf of the entire Universe — wholeheartedly… congratulate YOU!

        You will forever be welcome here, flutterby. . . well-done!




  3. FTD says:

    I still remember the look of horror when Martin was reading posts on here on his livestream, I remember that he couldn’t believe that everything was so laid out for his demise. It was sort of a moment where he knew deep inside that this writer was telling him “I know you think no one is paying attention, but this is how I see it”

    I think that’s the biggest part of the problem. We have people come in here who say “He’s a good man” Respectfully, this is a non sequitur of nonsense. No one knows him at all, except his family & whatever friends he associates with.
    Just because you went to dinner with him, it doesn’t mean anything nor should it.

    I’m afraid that’s how con men operate in our world today. But the obvious signs he’s lying are all around lurking in his mannerisms. The way he responds to a question, his habit of bragging about his knowledge base. Every con man I’ve come into contact operates the same way. Explain extravagantly,claim innocence,say your critics are amazingly ignorant, talk about how misunderstood you are & that there are great things in the works that will surprise people.

    The best place for him is away from society. If he’s such a good person, why did he say women were ugly on dating sites of people who did nothing to him? That’s archived, he literally pulled up photos of women & made fun of their appearance on his live stream REPEATEDLY. He’s a sociopath, who will do anything on the line or cross it, for the spotlight. 🙂

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    • condor says:

      The night is young, my friend!

      Smile… to be fair, Mr. Pollard was accused of very serious violent felonies (including conspiracy to commit murder).

      But I suspect that was (in part) what caused Marty’s attraction — he wanted to be seen as a real gangsta’, too.

      Now I’m deep in bracketology — picking my tiny law school alma mater to slay mighty Tennessee — and reach the Sweet 16… “Go Ramblers” — there’s your Cinderella story for 2018!

      But I have Villanova to win it all.

      If there’s any interest here, I’ll run a pool. Brackets due by morning, on Wed….


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