Martin Shkreli Has ALSO Personally Hired Fox Rothchild — In The Civil Fraud Matter, Involving Claims By Mr. Painter…

Here is the full text of the letter filed late tonight, in Mr. Painter’s civil fraud suit in Brooklyn’s federal district court:

“. . .This firm represents defendant Vyera Pharmaceuticals, LLC f/k/a Turing Pharmaceuticals, LLC (“Vyera”) in the above-referenced matter. We have recently been engaged to represent all defendants. Please be advised that defendant Martin Shkreli joins in the March 19, 2018 request by Vyera for a pre-motion conference [ECF Docket No. 9]. We thank the Court for its time and attention to this matter. . . .”

I think this will be interesting, as it means that Mr. Shkreli must be getting ready to pay the Fox firm at least some of what he owes it, in the other suits — otherwise, I doubt the firm would agree to add him to the roster of clients represented, in this defense — if for no other reason than this means a video conference from the Brooklyn MDC’s facility needs to be coordinated.

The conference the defense is trying to schedule is likely to be a stab at trying to work out a quick settlement, before real big money starts draining from Vyera’s now-leaking bath-tub, even if for legal fees, if not for actual recoveries. Remember that it could take a year to litigate the question of whether this dispute should be governed by the arbitration clause… and that’s before the merits of the claim get addressed.

Onward. G’night.


5 thoughts on “Martin Shkreli Has ALSO Personally Hired Fox Rothchild — In The Civil Fraud Matter, Involving Claims By Mr. Painter…

    • condor says:

      Sorry — didn’t mean to be… a jerk.

      Man… he is… so many things!

      I love that the US Atty. General’s spokesperson is making snarky, on the record press comments — about the whereabouts of… the Wu!

      Liked by 1 person

    • billythekid9919 says:

      Link from Ms. Smythe’s Twitter account:

      [Editor’s note — my hunch is that Ms. Smythe is casting about — for new sources — to add to her book’s concluding chapters… and so I’d caution against participating in this largely sycophantic exercise… as it will likely all end up in her book. But that’s just my guess.]

      Great find though Billy!

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