29 thoughts on “[U] The “Empire State” (New York) Now “Cuts To Front Of Line” — Seeks Up To $1.26 Million, Immediately: Back State Taxes Lien

  1. R West says:

    When Martin went to prison, I wonder if he had Internet withdrawal symptoms? Just wondering, because my AC adapter broke and it took me two days to get a new one in the mail … seemed like forever!

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    • condor says:

      With the nonsense his “friend” is putting up on his FB page — likely via phone called instructions… I’d safely conjecture that Marty is STILL experiencing ‘net withdrawal symptoms….

      Tonight’s installment involves that horrific sex slave/branding cult.

      So yeah… he’s a broken fortune cookie….


  2. condor says:

    The penalties and interest will be added to the $1.6 million, minus the $480,000 he gets a credit for, from when NY State sold the Enigma machine at auction last year.


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  3. mscatherinahorowitz says:

    As you said, Condor, he didn’t file his tax returns for an extended period. So he has to pay up now, and its a considerable amount of dosh.

    I was wondering though, isn’t there some kind for penalty that? Like, as well as paying back what is owed. Isn’t it a criminal offense to not file one’s tax returns?

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      • condor says:

        No worries. What will be interesting… is whether Marty gets his hands on a contraband cellphone, and his fans starting getting calls and texts from FCI Fort Dix… will he be able to avoid his penchant for self destruction, and not use an illicit cellphone?

        Or will he be a victim of his own “rules don’t matter, to me” illogic and crime?

        We shall see — about 30 days from now….


    • condor says:

      Yes. But the state likely just wants the money, since he’s already in jail for the felony frauds that generated the tax obligations.

      They won’t prosecute for those crimes, is my bet.


  4. mscatherinahorowitz says:

    Sorry, can someone just clarify how Shkreli amassed such a big tax bill? Did it have anything to do with his trial or is it entirely separate?

    Yesterday I remembered how a few years ago, my direct debit for council tax mysteriously stopped (still don’t know how) and I think I got 50-70 quid (aka British Pounds) in arrears. It seems I put the letter to the side and entirely forgot about it. And in my absence it went to a court and there was an order for money to be taken incrementally. Hahaha. Rather puts that into perspective!

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    • condor says:

      Marty simply refused to pay his taxes (or file his tax returns), for multiple years.

      It was part of his “the rules don’t apply to me” phase.

      He also would have had to declare on the tax return that he controlled the Fearnow shares. So he just didn’t file at all.

      Now you know…

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  5. aldt440 says:

    “Ouch. Sorry Marty — soon, you won’t even be able to buy the nicer scented soap — at the commissary.”

    Marty never took showers or washed his hair when he was on the outside, so no worries.

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