Deadline On Any Federal Opposition To NY State Tax Grab: May 7, 2018 — Judge Matsumoto Orders…

Here it is — in full (just released):

ORDER as to Martin Shkreli.

The Court orders the government and Mr. Shkreli each to submit a response stating a position regarding the New York Office of the Attorney General’s Third Party Motion for Forfeiture of Property [591], and, if applicable, setting forth any arguments in opposition, by May 7, 2018.

Ordered by Judge Kiyo A. Matsumoto on 4/30/2018….

Now you know. Namaste — off to the food trucks, on a clear, 72 degree Spring afternoon — walk-about!


6 thoughts on “Deadline On Any Federal Opposition To NY State Tax Grab: May 7, 2018 — Judge Matsumoto Orders…

    • R West says:

      According to the Fort Dix handbook: “General wake up for all inmates is 6:00 AM.”

      I would call that cruel and unusual punishment right there!

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    • aldt440 says:

      Vice left out all of the fun stuff…

      Just a few months ago this amazing collection of contraband was found, and I’m guessing this was just a fraction of the total amount on the premises. This is, at minimum, about one cell phone for every 4 prisoners. I’ll bet a root beer Shkreli is gonna pop up online in the next six months:

      Authorities at Fort Dix Correctional Institution recovered more than 1,000 cellphones, synthetic marijuana, tobacco, and liquor in a basement of one of the prison’s buildings on Jan. 16, according to a copy of the report anonymously sent to The Trentonian by a staff member.

      The report documented that a total of 1,046 cellphones, including 147 iPhone 5’s, 84 iPhone 6’s, 5 iPhone 6+’s, 33 Blackberry smart phones, 628 Samsung S4’s, 22 Samsung S3’s, 46 Samsung S5’s, 22 Samsung On5’s, 37 Samsung S6’s, 13 Samsung S7’s, four HTC’s, one AT&T flip phone, one Samsung flip phone, one Nokia and two LG’s, were found on the premises. Additionally, 95 cartons of Newport cigarettes, 122 packs of Bugler tobacco, three simple Moto SIM kits, 29 T-Mobile SIM kits, 11 power banks, 6 pounds of whey protein, five packs of unknown capsules, 1 liter of unknown liquor, approximately 100 charger cables, 50 charger ports, 23 cellphone batteries, 36 bottles of Apple liquor and 1.2 pounds of K2 (synthetic marijuana) were recovered from the federal prison.

      I can’t even imagine what the hell happened to the rat that tricked and screwed up their entire communications structure of 4,000 prisoners! WOW.

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    • condor says:

      I think he might, but this forfeiture stems from a simple failure to pay state income taxes. It predates — and is separate from — the fed’s criminal forfeiture order, from which he has taken his appeal.

      So I think he loses.

      His time to appeal the tax case has run out, iirc.

      I bet NY gets paid shortly.



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