Marty’s Lawyers Will NOT Oppose NY State (And The IRS) Getting Those Long Overdue Taxes, From The E*Trade Account…

Mr. Brafman just “slid in — under the deadline/wire“, late this afternoon, with a three page letter outlining his client’s non-objection to NY State, and the IRS, getting paid their back taxes.

It seems all the wrangling and appeals have gummed-up all Marty’s payments — and those amounts are accruing interest, and penalties, with each passing day. [At least, Mr. Brafman asserts that Marty now wants to pay the taxing authorities — to avoid the accelerating pain of penalties and interest.]

So — Mr. Brafman would like the able Judge Matsumoto to order that some cash be used to pay them — post haste. That way, there is more left — eventually — to pay his mounting legal bills. Now you know.

Be excellent to one another — it’s a lovely time of year to wander the state and national parks, after dark…. smile. Freedom in America is… grand — on warm Spring evenings.

[And on a tangent we have long followed at a few of our other properties — it seems the man who killed young Trayvon Martin has been charged with stalking, and threatening a documentary film maker, this evening. Charming. He’s accused of stalking the private investigator, Dennis Warren, in December 2017. According to a Seminole County Sheriff’s report, Warren was hired by production company Cinemart Productions, which was producing a documentary about Martin’s 2012 death.]


2 thoughts on “Marty’s Lawyers Will NOT Oppose NY State (And The IRS) Getting Those Long Overdue Taxes, From The E*Trade Account…

  1. R West says:

    Raises an interesting point … a client never gets a discount from a lawyer. Even if the lawyer discounts your bill, they are going to make it up somewhere down the line.

    Only difference here is … Martin’s lawyer will make it up with the next client. Don’t blame him with doing anything wrong though … it’s just the way things are!


  2. R West says:

    Agree on everything Condor said, but I’m not sure Mr. Brafman cares that much about getting paid at this point. He’s getting so much free publicity with Condor’s help, he will make it up with other wealthy clients! Other guy’s attorneys better keep charging – now that we got into that defamation subject matter, won’t mention any names.

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