Another Pair Of “Dueling Loss” Argument Letters As To Mr. Greebel, Overnight…

I’ll simply link each one — without much additional ado. Here is the latest overnight Gibson Dunn (Greebel defense) version; and here is the AUSAs’ version, from yesterday afternoon.

I think the AUSAs have the better argument here — and that in turn will lead (as it did in Marty’s case) to a 20 point addition, under the guidelines’ calculation — for sentencing.

[It would be ironic indeed, if Mr. Shkreli’s lawyer gets more time than he did. And that may well occur, now — as the lawyer was convicted on all counts — not just a portion, as was true in Marty’s case. Could that mean a decade, away? I don’t know — he’s a first time offender with a spotless record, prior to this. On the flip-side, Mr. Greebel should be eligible for a true minimum security “camp fed” — since he isn’t a national security threat, as opposed to Mr. Shkreli’s findings.]

As R.West cogently observed (in commentary to an earlier post), the US government is tackling white collar financial/securities crime — with renewed vigor, post the meltdown of 2008 — but some co-conspirators apparently… did. not. get. the. memo.

Onward on a clear cool freedom filled… Friday!


8 thoughts on “Another Pair Of “Dueling Loss” Argument Letters As To Mr. Greebel, Overnight…

  1. R West says:

    Unlike most court filings, AUSA’s are probably aware that people are actually reading these things …. with Condor’s help. AUSA’s really seem to have their game on now … their letters now seem much more dialed in and focused. Don’t know what happened to cause them to suddenly write like Brafman … but good work!

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  2. R West says:

    Unofficially, you have to program in “the trial penalty.” Once you put the Judge through a lengthy jury trial, file numerous meaningless motions, bore the Court with a lengthy closing before Christmas, and then tell the Judge you are going to appeal … you aren’t going to walk away with a light sentence!

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  3. R West says:

    Humorous Martin banter interrupted for a public announcement:

    Don’t waste time on the royal wedding!

    The American Revolution was one of the most brutal wars ever: “The redcoats looted indiscriminately, seizing crops and property of rebels and Loyalists alike; plunder was often accompanied by rape. Some British commanders instructed their men to take no prisoners; wounded and defeated American soldiers were killed on the field. When they were made prisoners, American soldiers suffered in conditions so terrible that mortality rates ran as high as 70 percent.”

    After all these colonial Americans died for freedom, why do Americans bow down to royalty now? Makes no sense!

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    • condor says:

      Thanks — I read it early this morning but saw no actual… news.

      Only Marty thinks he will be home in 2021; the sane world figures 2023 — at best.

      I guess he could… cough…. win on appeal (not).

      Namaste — enjoy your weekend of freedom!


      • condor says:

        Right — but that was known beforehand. The feds just officially confirmed it, on his inmate page.

        Likely that’s in response to his FB predictions of being home in 2021 — to drop his rap tracks.

        But all of the 10.18.2023 date calc. assumes he does only good time.

        Not sure he will be able to avoid some sort of smartass write-ups between now and then.



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