Marty Is Going To Regret Having Written This — And Regret His Surrogate’s Posting Of It.

I’ll simply note that the part in orange is the problem here (click to enlarge).

If you do care enough — to find out about who “Walter” is — and why the hand written letter was posted from FCI Fort Dix by Marty hisself — feel free to go to Facebook (it is all rather childish; i.e., standard Marty fare). His ill-informed surrogate has posted it all there. In full. Not very bright, actually.

I couldn’t give a rip, truly — but if an early parole date is one of Marty’s goals, this doesn’t help. His own letter bragging about his manipulations at sentencing (re soliciting letters), is going to work against that — as is the part about a “guarantee” of an early release date. Sheesh.

Finally he is wrong insofar as he still has appeals pending, and arguments to be heard on those (in the sentence where he misspells judgments as “judments“).

I D I O T.


11 thoughts on “Marty Is Going To Regret Having Written This — And Regret His Surrogate’s Posting Of It.

    • condor says:

      I am thrilled for you! Hooray!😇

      Know that we greatly appreciate your contributions, and perspective, here.

      Feel entirely free to gush about your new crush/love (right here)… post instagrams, even(!)… but if we do not hear from you, we will assume you are off enjoying all the bliss that you so richly deserve!

      Know that we are beaming broadly for you… all the best, and Namaste — until we meet again, my friend.


      • mscatherinahorowitz says:

        Aw! Such a heartfelt message, Condor! Thankyou.

        Well it was a situation of “if you don’t ask you don’t get”. I’m moving from the town I’m in to a town 20 miles down the road in about a month. After bumping into him earlier that day I had a dream about this person and it triggered me to get quite upset as I’d been unsuccessfully pinning my hopes on getting him for a while and it dawned on me with some finality I may never see him again. So I sent him some sad texts “my heart misses a beat every time I see you and I’m never going to see you again!:(” etc. (I actually accidentally sent one of the texts to my mum, helps if you get the right person!)….next day, Jason was not only in my flat but giving me unlimited hugs! Winner! He said we can make it happen over the 20 distance…..only time will tell….

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  1. R West says:

    “home in 2021.”
    I don’t think Martin is that dumb. You have to consider the possibility that he is assisting the Gov’t. in some investigation … probably some massive insider trading, stock-rigging scheme … or some kind of stock fraud. Then he cut a deal. If so, the Gov’t. can move to reduce his sentence under Rule 35. This guy was very plugged into the hedge fund scene … watch, he’s helping the FBI and SEC. Remember you heard it here first!

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      • R West says:

        If Martin cut a Rule 35 deal, then he may have waived his appeal. That would make the whole letter fit. It would just seem strange that he was on TV after the verdict talking about his strong appeal grounds, and now he doesn’t even mention an appeal. He now just seems resigned to staying in jail until 2021 … guess we will find out later this year when he appeals … or doesn’t? Besides the letter not otherwise making sense, other reason I’m a little suspicious is, biotech field seems riddled with stock fraud … it’s pretty much like gold mining. If he was going to fill the Gov’t. in on securities fraud in biotech, it shouldn’t be hard to find one!

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      • condor says:

        I’m just filling in detail here — but Marty has formally appealed to the Second Circuit — hiring an of counsel appellate specialist from Mr. Brafman’s firm.

        The opening brief is due September 4, 2018… IIRC.

        Namaste (see your and my earlier discussions on the appeal — April 2018 posts)….


      • R West says:

        To be precise, Martin filed only a Notice of Appeal, which has to be filed within 14 days after sentencing. Given the short time fuse to file the Notice, something could have developed subsequently … it doesn’t necessarily mean he’s going to follow through on it with an actual appeal.

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      • condor says:

        He actually filed two notices: 18-819 and 18-1084; then Judge Matsumoto modified the final judgment — so he dismissed the later 18-1084 appeal and (presumably) will go forward in September with that 18-819 brief.

        But a lot could happen between now and then, to be sure.

        Caesar Disgustus could pardon him, for example. /snark



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