Next Up? Mr. Brafman’s Brief On The Three “Ps”: Prison Placement Preference — Due Tuesday…

I am semi-reliably informed (by someone who claims to have been in the courtroom, yesterday) that both sides agreed to make Marty’s entire psychiatric and health workup public… “on Tuesday“.

I (for one) will be surprised if that conjecture turns be to be completely true. I do think a summary of those federal health information findings will be made public on Tuesday (much along the lines of what the MSM has been reporting overnight), as the same will likely be a part of, and contained inside Mr. Brafman’s first brief, almost certainly arguing for a “Camp Fed” facility placement (and seemingly incidentally, suggesting a preliminary plan of restitution).

Placement is usually argued (by the defense counsel) as to where the felon will best fit, and be both safe, and secure, for his stay. [Moreover, if he is to get psychological treatment (as the able judge suggested yesterday), it will need to be in a facility that provides such a service, for example. And the upshot — but not the “sources and methods” (if you will) — of his eval will be relevant for all of that.]

We expect the government’s answer to those defense papers will be filed on Thursday (just before our plans for a boisterous and hilarious St. Patrick’s 2018!) — thus, the graphic at upper right.

We also STILL expect that the unsolicited letters (likely in a redacted form) will be made public in the next few days, as the able Judge had suggested, last week. “We, the people…” have a right to see them. And if need be, the news outlets will file papers for access, and we will all subsequently read them… there.

Now you know — but what a layperson overhears in a courtroom… may differ — and differ, markedly — from what (usually at least) actually turns out to transpire.

नमस्ते — and so, “eventually, all things merge into one… and a river runs through it….” I am haunted by waters.