[U] Ahem. A Late Defense Letter, LACKING Disclosures — Of “Conflicted Interests”: KUDOS PathoPhilia!

UPDATED: Meg Tirrell is there inside the courtroom in Brooklyn — she will have a live report on CNBC. We will revise the masthead, as she speaks. End, update.

I want to be gently circumspect here, as Dr. Trachtman may well be a very careful medical researcher at NYU. Nothing I’ve seen suggests that he is not. I trust that these are his sincerely-held views… and he is plainly entitled (as a matter of free expression) to support a three time convicted felon.

However, if he were submitting this letter to any peer-reviewed medical research or policy journal, for publication on those editorial pages — weighing in on a matter of life science policies, or advancements… he almost certainly would have disclosed in the letter that he held (and perhaps still HOLDS) an NYU Medical School ENDOWED Professorship of Pediatric Nephrology… titled “THE MARTIN SHKRELI Professorship of Pediatric Nephrology.”

This is perhaps a fitting exclamation point, and a view into the past — a window — as to what Marty’s life was like — back when he was flush with ill-gotten (purloined) cash, from his Retrophin and KaloBios schemes.

He endowed chairs at private universities — likely into the millions of dollars. And he trusted that crony-capitalism would serve his interests, one day. That day… is today. But probably not in the way he had hoped. [After all, it wasn’t like the good doctor was writing to some prestigious medical journal. No… nothing as weighty as THAT… he was only offering (opinion) evidence, in a felony federal securities fraud sentencing proceeding — where people defrauded of over $10 million came to seek… justice, under the law. Really — no need to be… fully candid.]

Take it away, PathoPhilia — but we both agree, it won’t matter to his outcome:

“…As far as I know, NYU never returned Shkreli’s money, which established the endowed professorship at NYU. (The amount was never revealed, but it was likely in the millions.) Nevertheless, it appears that Dr. Trachtman has scrubbed Martin Shkreli’s name from his webpage. Dr. Trachtman is no longer publicly identified as the “Martin Shkreli Professor of Pediatric Nephrology” at the NYU website. And the doctor certainly didn’t identify himself as such when signing his letter of support for Shkreli….”

Namaste… two hours to go — and I am revising the locked down contest sheet below — to include our UK entrant… she has him at… 8 years. You are in, Ms. Catherina Horowitz — as are “Peter&Paul” at 6.5 years…. ROC, at 4 years is in under the wire — but will not appear on the sheet. I am on a train now… cannot add before 11 AM EST — but your guess is recorded, and down.




210 thoughts on “[U] Ahem. A Late Defense Letter, LACKING Disclosures — Of “Conflicted Interests”: KUDOS PathoPhilia!

  1. Bostonborn66 says:

    Lol well then we will just ageee to disagree on the way you’ve treated people. BTW, they discussed his psych eval in detail in open court and all agreed to release them with no redactions on tuesday. Maybe a little less guessing and a little more asking people who know what’s actually happening was warranted vs. telling people they’re stupid if they don’t take your words as fact. I am entitled to my opinion which hahaha ended up being fact.

    Bye 😀


    • condor says:

      Thanks for your in court insights. Truly. We will see what gets released. The unsolicited letters were supposed to be filed on the public docket yesterday.

      In them, several AIDS activists excoriate Marty for jacking the Daraprim price — one going so far as to say his partner died because they couldn’t afford Daraprim. So yes, by all means, continue to be proud of your good friend Marty.

      As I indicated in the new post, above,on Tuesday, the 13th, Mr. Brafman’s first brief (on which facility he should serve his time in) is due. The government had asked that the mental evaluation be interacted to make the last round of briefs less cumbersome — but to date, Judge Matsumoto hadn’t done so.

      So forgive me if I’m skeptical about his full psych evaluation being entered into the public PACER docket.

      You may be right, but you may have heard agreement about these Tuesday briefs SUMMARIZING them — just as the Judge did today.

      It doesn’t bother you at all that he stole peoples’ life savings, to invest in… strip clubs and Knicks tickets?


      Namaste, and goodnight.


      • Bostonborn66 says:

        Lmao well she talked about Kalobios so your assumption of a new indictment is less than accurate. As a “lay person” I somehow was able to see through your outrageous and proven inability to see what would happen in the end so your insults fall on deaf ears. Whether they release the details of the psych eval or not they were heard in open court so there would be no reason really to try to hide them now. Get off your high horse condor, you’re not the smartest person in the room. 18 years lol, what a laughable joke that was.

        Liked by 1 person

      • condor says:

        Probation wanted 34. The AUSAs sought 15. On appeal (if Marty sticks with his “I’m so special” mantra), the AUSAs may get most of the requested time.

        As I said Friday night, the government has lots of other crooks to chase — so I’d be surprised if there is ever a KaloBios indictment — not because he didn’t commit felonies there, but because… he’s already off the street — locked away from the investing public — for a long stretch.

        Just FYI, that statute of limitations… is ten years.

        Just about when… he gets off of supervised release, with conditions. If he f’s up, expect a new indictment on those KaloBios (alleged at this point)… felonies.

        Namaste — and do try to find your own peace.


    • condor says:

      Thanks for your input, BB66. Was there a question in there?

      Seriously… feel free to stop back by. Or… feel free not to.

      I’ll do me; you do… you!

      [By the way, I’ll predict a PKAN drug will be on market before Mr. Shkreli is out of jail.

      I will further predict it will be sensibly priced.]


      And… namaste…


      • Bostonborn66 says:

        Well good. Then the drug he facilitated getting to clinical trial will get to market via the company he created and when he gets out

        In 7 years , not the madness you’ve be ranting out for months and attacking people over, he can start on the next one. Feel free to apologize to every person you’ve gone nuclear on in the last month given how wrong you were. I was there today, and you were wrong on every point you tried to slam down everyone’s throat lol

        Liked by 1 person

      • condor says:

        Let’s just agree to… disagree, shall we?

        As I told you over on Twitter — you are entitled to your opinions (but not your own facts). You and I are too far apart on what reality is (the findings of fact, from the able judge)… to have a meaningful dialogue.

        All the best, just the same. And now, as to “apologizing”… I think it best to quote Marty (for irony’s sake, at least): “does a giraffe apologize for having… a long neck?” Nope.

        Yup — that will do. Said another way, when you apologize to all the people from whom your friend stole their life savings… then…

        I’ll apologize (to you) that he’ll only be buried in the prison industrial complex for ten years, instead of 15. [Seven, plus three years close supervision…]

        Namaste, and good luck!


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